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Giro Latch Flat Shoes - Sept. 9, 2021, 7:28 a.m.

I have ridden several different clip pedals over the years and your point about lots of float holds true for me as well. I end up riding a bit duck footed with my left/rear foot that wants to further rearward to compensate for the uneven feeling. Well broken in crank bros systems work for me.

My body is pretty uneven as well from a variety of things as well. Counter point though, I like the grip and muting of Impact Pros for trail riding on full suspension and hardtail. Smooth easier trails, I prefer a softer sole with a little less grip that makes it easier to pop and play.

I would be interested to read an article on uneven foot placement from your perspective. Keep up the great work! I like reading the kid articles as well. I appreciate the elbow pads for knee pads idea and all the other ideas for making it more fun for my kid!

Giro Latch Flat Shoes - Sept. 8, 2021, 8:47 p.m.

I have read this site for years and have just now felt compelled to create an account to comment. 

Somehow I thought I was the only one that had wear patterns on my shoes that indicate one foot is farther forward than the other on the pedals. In the sole photos here it appears it is a full lug difference for you. 

I am a flat pedal guy through and through however I do ride road bikes as well and spent years riding clips along side flats. This urge for different positions on the pedal has always made riding clips a challenge in recent years as it feels unnatural. I’m curious if you have had similar experiences or if it is a non issue setting up cleats symmetrically. 

Regardless, I love the site and appreciate the unique perspective compared to other sites. Cheers from Colorado!

2 comments found

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