Re: Whistler hotel with GOOD SAFE bike security?

Posted by: grambo is a decent reference.

We stayed at Tantalus last year and their bike storage room is accessible by guests (not cool). They say it's physically locked out at night so no one can access but still... saw someone's Nomad with ENVE wheels in there, not even locked to the rack.

Every year, we do a bike trip to a different city. When we started the ride, the weather was sunny, nothing foretold trouble. In just five minutes, the weather changed, the clouds turned black, and a thunderstorm started. We made our way to the nearby Stewart Hotel. How happy we were to be there, we were treated to hot tea. We parked our bikes in the parking lot, absolutely free. It turned out that there are many hotels with free parking in NYC. We were pleasantly surprised that we were allowed to do it, cause we didn't pay a cent.