All well and good until you can't buy the spares you need because bike media and manufactures are pushing new stuff with the aim of making ever increasing amounts of wonga.  I've been riding a 2012 meta sx 26" until I sold it yesterday.  I had one set of bushes for a 2011 lyrik, and spare parts which are like gold dust now after that you can only buy 27.5 forks.  Commencal with a finite and diminishing supply of frame parts so you simply cannot keep a bike that long if you plan to ride hard.  I had planned to convert it to the piggy back rear end and buy a new fork but once you calculate the cost it makes more sense to buy a new bike.  Which I have done.

This like most industries are crafted so you must buy new shit at some point sooner rather than later.

I think manufacturers should be held accountable for this since they are asking for motorbike money for a push bike.  You can buy parts for say a 30 year old motorbike but in the bike industry they stop after 5 if your lucky.  Fucking rockshox don't even sell parts for your charger damper, if that breaks you buy a new one.  They don't sell bushings any more, those fuckers wear out if you actually ride your bike, and they claim they are for life, of two years? After that new lowers at 250 a go as opposed to 40 for a set of bushes. 

Love the bike you already have, would love to, but you can't!