Thanks for writing this and thanks for providing a platform NSMB. This article hits really close to home, I've come out twice now, once as a lesbian and more recently as a trans guy. I know it doesn't seem like it from the outside (when you are already represented) but having representation is HUGE! 

I wish I could have seen queer people at the top of our sport when I was growing up riding on the shore. Instead I threw myself into bikes to hide from who I was. If I could ride harder than the guys my age nobody questioned or harassed the weird girl/boy on how I looked. I've found mountain bikers to be generally super accepting, but I was scared of losing riding friends and not fitting in because I dont know of a single other trans guy riding mountain bikes, pro or not. Feeling like you have to hide a part of yourself to fit into a sport you love sucks, articles like this and pros coming out will help normalize it and make that kid scared of who they are able to stop being scared and focus on what really matters, bikes!