Andrew, thank you.  A second (third?) discussion of grips finally got me to create an account.  Been reading NSMB for years and have particularly enjoyed your contributions.  As a long-time user of ESI grips, I've you to to thank for the nice, grippy Renthal Kevlars I enjoyed on my bike park (Angel Fire) ride last season.  I'd never heard of them, but for the intended use, they were perfect.  Also running some purple Sensus Swayzes on my cruiser (again, never hear of them previously), thanks to you.

What prompted me to sign up and (hope to) contribute was the foregoing resistance to using push-on grips dues to the difficulty in getting them off without destroying them.  While I have an air compressor, when I've got to remove my push-ons, I find a hypodermic syringe with rubbing alcohol does the trick.  Get an 18- or 20-gauge, ~3cc, from the local pharmacy, stick it right through the grip and squirt a bit between the grip and the bar in 2 or 3 spots.  The grip will slip right off without any swearing, and you'll never see the holes when you re-install the grip, whether with hairspray or clear lacquer.

I hope that helps someone find it easier to swear off of lock-ons and choose comfort instead.  Keep up the great work, and thanks for the just-right stoke.