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Rev Grips Race Series Shock Absorbing Grip System - Jan. 21, 2021, 12:13 a.m.

I did feedback to revgrips, they seemed pretty indifferent tbh. I was a bit surprised, particularly as larger grips for a given hand size generally reduce issues if you have hand troubles, so would have thought that this would fit with their usp more than selling 5 different minor variations all aimed at the same size hands!

Rev Grips Race Series Shock Absorbing Grip System - Jan. 20, 2021, 12:44 p.m.

As someone suffering from vibration sensitive carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome I'll add my tuppence worth:

Revgrips: amazing at reducing vibration fatigue but only if you have small to medium hands. I have large hands and they are just too narrow so I end up overgripping, leading to forearm fatigue! I've ended up back on my sensus meaty paws /ergon GA2 fat (full sus) and wolftooth mega fat silicone grips (hardtail). A real shame as otherwise they are superb. I hope they develop some grips in the >34mm diameter range to cater for larger than average hands.

Bars and backsweep: 8-10 degrees seems good for me, Raceface atlas (8 deg) on the full sus with greater sweep better on the hardtail for more xc stuff (nukeproof horizons - 10 deg). I have an sqlab 30x 12deg sweep bar, and it is more comfortable, but only in a very limited range; I can have it set up for climbing or descending, not both. I also run 31.8 bars, no point adding unnecessary stiffness! 

I tried Spank vibrocore bars; not sure I noticed anything special in terms of vibration but they were a nice shape. Padded endura humvee gloves made more of a difference.

Andrew's Gifts For Mountain Bikers - Dec. 2, 2020, 3:07 p.m.

I do like my rev grips but I wish they made a fatter version. I do have big hands but not so stupid that I can't buy gloves. The fattest revs are only 33mm dia so feel tiny compared to my GA2 fats and sensus meaty paws. So slim that the vibration damping advantages get countered by having to grip so damn hard!

Michelin Wild Enduro Tire Review - Nov. 18, 2020, 2:34 p.m.

I have been riding these tyres for 2 years and love them. Can really echo what the review says. One thing I have found is that the profile is much better on 25mm width rims compared to 30mm. The side knob wear is also reduced on a 25mm set up. Maybe not surprising given that they predate widespread wide rim use at EWS level. Hopefully they will update to reflect wider rims being used these days.

For weeping tyres the best thing I have found is to liberally apply isopropyl alcohol to the inside of the tyre and wipe out to remove the mould release compound. Do this a few times from bead to bead (on any tyre), let it dry fully before installing and it helps the sealant sick to the tyre and seal pores in the sidewalls (unless you ride continental tyres where there isn't enough sealant in the world).

Scotland is for Mountain Bikers - Sept. 10, 2020, 12:14 p.m.

Sorry, didn't mean to be down on you. I know plenty of folk working to scratch up funds and interest for other areas and trails but once it get above a certain level it just all seems to go to the tweed valley. The DMBinS folk do a good job but they are fighting government inertia and habit. The morons who voted to deprive us of EU funds didn't help either. 

If you head north from the tweed valley stop at Dunkeld, then head to Pitlochry and then up to Contin/Golspie area. From there head west to Torridon and down to Laggan via Fort William. That is easily 2 weeks of fun just doing the classics before you even venture into the mountains for some out there serious stuff or scoot over to Braemar/Ballater area.

Scotland is for Mountain Bikers - Sept. 10, 2020, 12:36 a.m.

Nice report and write up, and I realise that this was a likely paid for jolly, but...... I get tired of seeing Scotland = Tweed Valley. Saying that you visited Scotland but only rode the tweed valley is like saying you visited Canada but only rode within 10 miles of BC. 

The Tweed Valley is nearer to a larger proportion of England's population than Scotland's and the relentless, and almost exclusive, focus on the area by the media sucks investment (ideas and money) out of the rest of the country. 

We could really do with some love and focus on areas to the north that are more economically deprived and just as good or better, rather than continuing with the Edinburgh area (30 minutes from tweed valley and Scotland's capital), all money must go to the capital, circle jerk fest.

6 comments found

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