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The Only Drivetrain That Matters - July 9, 2020, 8:52 p.m.

an 11spd chain works fine with the 12spd ring, can't see why a 10spd chain would be any different. the major difference with the 12spd rings is the "wide" tooth is narrower than standard to fit the 12spd shimano QL, which is a tiny bit narrower internally than sram. That being said I used a shimano chain on a sram x sync 2 ring with only a little extra noise in the granny.

The Only Drivetrain That Matters - July 7, 2020, 9:16 a.m.

No problem! I go for shimano hubs for 2 reasons; price and serviceability. With the m8000 xt hubs I could literally buy 3 sets (f/r) for less than a pair of 350's. I've also been wrenching on bikes since I was about 12, including many happy hours (haha) servicing ancient, unsealed cup and cone hubs with worn out threading. Suffice to say I find the new cup and cone hubs to be stupid easy to adjust in comparison. A 30 min job 2-3 times a year. Have +10k miles on my xt m8000 hubset (I'm an ultra endurance kinda guy, with a tendency to hit the double blacks on the HT on the way home...) and only just replaced the freehub body. Original cup and cone bearings still going strong, unfortunately cartridge bearings can't compete with that sort of service life. Based on this, sorely disappointed in the new design.

The Only Drivetrain That Matters - July 6, 2020, 8:26 p.m.

Didn't start falling off when backpedaling until ~75% through the first chain, or roughly 60 hr of use. My guess is that the alloy deforms and once the chain stretches, things just don't line up quite right. Have this problem w/ 11 spd shimano cassettes too, but only under high rpm backpedaling in a stand. with the 12spd it falls off after a half turn of the cranks when resetting on tech climb sessioning, super annoying.

The chain life is excellent in my experience. Get 40-60hrs out of 11spd chains(to 0.5% stretch), regardless of brand or price point. new slx 12spd chains last me 70-90hrs! At the end of the winter I was at the point of just running the cassette into the ground because the new chain skipped on the 2 alloy cogs(so stupid, make them steel!) and was well over 160hrs and still hadn't reach 0.75% wear. Then I had my second freehub die and switched back to 11spd. currently using an slx 12spd chain on that with great success. Started a forum a while back on the freehub debacle a while back if your interested in the juicy details. Posts #1 and #30 have the problem statement and resolution respectively.

The Only Drivetrain That Matters - July 6, 2020, 10:44 a.m.

I'm shocked about the rate the shifter's have been breaking on me, first last 3mo, second 2mo, third 1mo. All have failed in exactly the same way, same small spring every time. Wish I was a watchmaker so I could replace it. my 11spd xtr is 5yrs old and still perfect. actually have gone back to my 11spd xt/xtr w/sram cassette because I can't deal with all this stuff breaking.

Cranks are the non series mt900. seriously light at 495g without chainring. chainline is 52mm. have the same problem with the backpeadaling on 11spd shimano cassettes too. Odd the deore does use a fixed spider and utilize the bolts holding the chainring together, you'd think that'd be cheaper.

pictures of shifter failure:

The Only Drivetrain That Matters - July 6, 2020, 10:05 a.m.

I've had nothing but problems with shimano 12spd. 2 failed xt freehubs(both creaked, one fell apart, the other locked on), 3 xt shifters broke(plus my buddy has had 2 xtr's break) due to tiny spring coming unraveled and letting the pawl flop around. Not to mention the two clutch mechanisms that corroded out before I figured out they came pretty much ungreased from the factory... Shimano has warrantied it all, no questions asked. But god damn, they need to get their quality control together!

The chain, cassette, and chainring are great. Although the chain still falls off the 51t if you back pedal once things get a little worn. My cranks came with the DM tool, actually really like the it. Nice sturdy bit of steel.

Teardown - Shimano XTR M9100 Hubs - May 27, 2020, 5:33 p.m.

Iv'e had two of the xt m8100 rear hubs fail on me. Started a thread if you want all the info.

6 comments found

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