I am headed out to Colorado and am renting equipment. The company we are renting from will come to us and fit us with proper boots. Based on the questions they asked and answers I gave they have recommended the Nordica Speedmachine 110. Looks like a nice boot. Would like to know opinion on best size for them to bring based on my bare foot measurements. Any help you would give would be great. Right now they are thinking a 25.5 shell size and fitting from there, but the last on this boot is 100mm and my left foot is 103mm...without socks.

My foot measurements are (again, bare foot, tracing foot outline on paper and measuring):

Right Ft: Length - 25.4cm, Last - 100 mm, Arch Medium

Left Ft: Length - 25.5cm, Last 103mm, Arch Medium

My measurements would only be off, if at all, +/- 1mm. So.....what size should I try?

Interesting...I am right handed but my left foot is slightly bigger....especially in last.