Hello, I am new to this forum - I live in Italy (Lake Como) - from my childhood I'm passionate about bikes and filmography - so recently I decided to put together a few amateur (I'm not a pro) contents about the bikes, just short films anyway - I find this forum-section quite interesting, so I decided to register and post my latest job - I do hope you like it.

"One of the best ways to escape the duties of work on your birthday is to enjoy a one-day epic ride through my favorite local trails - especially if it’s an awesome sunny and warm day in October while also enjoying a delicious plate of "Pulenta Uncia" at lunch!

By the way, be sure to get permission from your boss for a day off. Otherwise it may be a problem...but this is something I'll manage tomorrow when I’m back in the office."

Location - Italy - Lombardia - Triangolo Lariano, between Como - Bellagio - Lecco - passing along Segrino Lake, climbing the epic "Muro di Sormano" and riding one of the most beautiful local singletrack trails - especially in Autumn (Sentiero dei Faggi – The Beech Trails) - along the way to Brunate, and then back Como.