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Sept. 9, 2003, 8:04 p.m.
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Riding with torn ACL

I tore mine in Dec '01. Since there was no swelling the ER doctor decided it was just a sprain and that I should let it heal for a month or so, and see a doctor later if I had problems. Started riding lightly a month later and it seemed ok, but it would tweak occasionally if I put my leg down straight or with weight on it. Problems got fewer by spring so I let it go, but I tweaked it bad at whistler that summer, and I also noticed tweakage when I tried to start running. Riding seemed to give the least problems. Finally went to see a doctor to get a referral. The earliest booking for an initial appointment was 11 mos. The knee doc, of course, took all of 3 minutes to figure out what was wrong. Incredibly, from there I had my choice of surgery dates beyond two months wait so I picked one in January.

The whole point of this is that your muscles will compensate for the lost ligament, and your knee will eventually stop tweaking so much. It will continue to improve without the ACL the more time since the big crash. Riding is also low impact compared to other sports and as you rarely fully extend the leg, it can stand up to normal riding. By that I mean you will eventually be able to ride just as before. I hauled my torn ACL to all 6 BC cups last summer, Whistler 25+ times a year, and everywhere else all over this year and last, and my riding has continued to progress.

Unfortunately the knee still has no stability in that one direction, and while it may feel fine there is the always risk you will blow out the rest of the knee in a bad crash. You will be able to ride the skinniest skinnies, launch the biggest airs, and go as fast as you want. The biggest problem you will have is hesitating because you are scared of hurting the knee again by crashing. Ironically this will cause you to crash more. Just take it slow, let the knee heal a bit, and be careful. You only have 4 mos to wait. It will be 2 full years for me…. its not that bad. Good luck

Sept. 8, 2003, 8:16 p.m.
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I Don't Know If I Am Ready To Move Yet

try coming out here for a few weeks. There is a hostel at Jericho beach that costs $15/day, which is cheaper than rent in most places. That will give you a chance to look around, see how you like it, and hook up a place. Nov/December would be a better time to find a place anyways as all the uni's just started. count on rent of $400+ with roommates or $600+ without. Vancouver is not a cheap town to live in. But hey when you can go biking and boarding in the same day its definitely worth it

Sept. 8, 2003, 8:08 p.m.
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Anyone considered this upgrade?

Could depend on how much longer they last. Last time I was in Cove they wanted $50 for hayes hose, so $48 US isnt that bad a deal. The reusable fittings would be a plus as you wouldnt have to round up a new compression fitting everytime you take the hose off.

Sept. 2, 2003, 1:05 a.m.
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Big, Small bikes.

It is a beast to get rolling at first, but as long as you keep the momentum up I was surprised how well my v10 handles on the tight twisty stuff on the shore. The wheelbase is not bad, but it is noticable when trying to make turns on log rides. Its hard to hop the back wheel around due to the sag.

Most of the trails are being paved and rebuilt with more flow anyways so wheelbase is not so much of an issue. Still, I think trails like gmg or bitches brew will real tricky with it. Haven't taken it up grouse yet and I have a feeling I would be walking most of the way.

Sept. 2, 2003, 12:56 a.m.
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Careful where you lock your bike

Walking up Seymour St on Sunday afternoon we see a girl locking her bike up to a sign - you know, one of those that shows the parking restrictions. She walks away, and a few seconds later this punk darts out of the alley, pulls the sign up and out of its base, crashing it into a the building and making a huge racket, and tries to pull it out thru the lock on her bike. What blew me away is the number of people around right there! I was with about 6 friends and there were tons of other people walking by. No one realized what was going on until the girl turned around, saw it, and yelled 'my bike!'

Luckily the lock went thru the front wheel so he couldnt ride away. It happened so fast everyone kinda stood there and watched him for a few seconds. Realizing he couldnt ride he tried to pick it up and run, but had to toss it when some of us took off after him. Unfortunatley he got away (luckily…. for him!) but the girl got her bike back.

I always thought those posts were bolted in at the bottom but apparently not. I have locked my old bike to those before. If it had worked out for him that guy could have been gone in 3-4 seconds and no one would have had a chance to stop him.

I know most of us would never leave our bikes anywhere, but if you do, make sure you lock it to something anchored in, put your lock thru a wheel if possible, and ghost shift to a hard gear to make it hard to ride away. This was an old beat up kona hardtail, not a very expensive bike, and the guy was still willing to take it.

Be careful where you lock your bike!

Sept. 2, 2003, 12:04 a.m.
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Downtube & chainstay protectors?

If you go to a motorcycle shop you can get clear plastic sheets a bit larger than 8 x 11. I think they called it macktack. Its thick stuff that motocross guys put over their stickers to proctect them. It's clear so you can still see the paint and it seems thick enough to stop cable rub and you can pull it off when you sell. $10 a sheet

Sept. 1, 2003, 11:54 p.m.
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What derailer

After going thru endless mtb deraillers I have had very good luck with road D's lately. The one I currently have was installed in Januray (8 mos - not bad!). I got a short cage shimano Tiagra for $38 at MEC. 105s work also but cost more. Road D's seem to have way stronger springs and the bodies are made of more metal than mtb D's, so they seem to take more hits off rocks before dying.

With mtb D's I have tried (LX, xt, sram 7.0) I found they would last 1-2 months tops. Deore has very weak springs and won't last thru a weekend at Whistler. Even less at Sun Peaks (it does fine on slower speed trails like on grouse however). XT and LX are ok but at $70-90 you don;t want to wreck too many. I can't seem to find LX in short cage and even s.c. XT is hard to find. I would take LX over XT just based on cost - performance seems the same. I was impressed with sram 7.0 as it lasted a lot longer and the cage, being half plastic, is easy to bend back into shape. The problem with breaking one is that it can be hard to find a replacement. After breaking my 7.0 on seymour one day I tried Cove, BSP, JH, and steeds for a quick replacement, and none had 7.0 in stock. I opted not to go for the $150 9.0.

The one thing shimano has over sram is that if you are like me and save your old busted parts, you can swap cages if it is hopelessly bent and you have a straight replacement. You can;t remove the cage on a sram.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Aug. 29, 2003, 9:53 p.m.
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Mountain Bike Books

Originally posted by Chakalaka Rider
Alright, I have a question. How to install a headset? Do you need any special tools or just push them in with hands?

You do need special tools. You don't want to screw up a headset install.

I saw a link once to the Park Tools website. They have a whole tech reference section that has tons of info on how to make pretty much any repairs (except fork and hydro disc repairs unfortunately - you;re best off having someone show you these first-hand anyways). Of course, the instructions all feature park tools, but who cares?

Check it out

Good luck

Aug. 26, 2003, 9:06 p.m.
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First Bikes

In about '96 I got a '92 Rocky Mtn Stratos off an old lady who had barely ridden it. Full xt, but it had canti's, a negative rise 110mm stem, a rigid fork and toe clips. Those were the days! Putting the Indy xc and tiny clipless pads on it a few months later was the sweetest thing ever. Then, v-brakes. Now that was amazing. Then I got a rock ring (not a bash ring, but the original "rock ring") After a season on the shore I decided a riser bar and shorter stem were needed. Back then was when Roox was the shit. Of course, that was out of reach for a student so I settled on no-name stuff. Some trails like Pipeline and Oilcan seemed so much more fun back them. I still have the bike, with all those same parts. Maybe an old skool ride should be organized!

Aug. 23, 2003, 8:53 p.m.
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5th Element Leaking Oil

An avy costs $550 us, with shipping and gst it works out to about $870 given today's exchange. And worth every penny, I might add.

Aug. 22, 2003, 12:46 a.m.
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Squamish Trails Closed

damn. I was hoping to head there this weekend now that the shore (and coquitlam) etc, etc, is closed. Was at whistler today and it is in such terrible shape I didnt even want to ride after a couple laps. Unfortunately repairs do not work so well without a bit of rain. Squamish and the woodlot seem to be all that is left. Chilliwack? Hmmm. With squamish closed we have fewer options. WHat are we all going to do? Maybe a huge party/bbq at kits beach is in order.

As an aside, I heard a rumor that whistler is considering laying hoses next to the trails to water them down. What about hoses to mist the trails all day? How sweet would that be, ripping down a-line with a cool mist raining down on you from up above? Just a thought

Aug. 22, 2003, 12:40 a.m.
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Resume question

For many jobs they will never contact your references, and for that reason I would not waste space on your resume as you want to keep it under 2 pages.

The purpose of the resume (and cover letter) is to get you in the door for an interview, nothing else. If they like you after the interview, that is when they will call your references. Altough from my experience they only seem to call for long-term "career type" positions, not just a cashier, warehouse or labout type job.

I would take a sheet of references, along with extra copies of your resume, to the interview. That way you look prepared.

Aug. 22, 2003, 12:29 a.m.
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04 Santa Cruz Info???

Originally posted by fcf-spec
That makes me wonder though… I see guys going pretty big on the V10, wouldn't it feel like shit on landing because the bike would instantly blow through the 4 or so inches of sag and then try to soak up the drop on the last 6"s? Or does the 5th shock turn the suspension on a high speed hit like that into 10" of useable travel?

No way dude. I had a super 8 before with an avy… pretty much the sweetest bike of all time, or so i thought. Then I upgraded to the V10 and it is just so much smoother. Not only does it feel bottomless, (somewhat like what I had,) but it also sticks to the ground way better after you land. It pedals well also once you have it moving (getting it moving is another story!) especially in the rough.

What I was suprised about most is that it is great on the tight, twisty technical stuff like lower joyride or 7th. The turning radius is not so great but for a medium it is the same as my old super 8 (which I had set to its shorter wheelbase)

I really cant say enough about this bike.

Aug. 22, 2003, 12:08 a.m.
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Woodlot ..

Originally posted by twofortythree
a line but gaps and really smooth

i'd say a-line combined with clown shoes and smooth as a baby;s ass! this is a whole new level of trail building.

Aug. 11, 2003, 12:20 a.m.
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Has anyone ordered an avalanche??

I got one.

Cost is $550 us and you must get the remote compression for freeriding
Shipping = $25 us
Exchange = 1.42
Duty - none
Brokerage - none (if shipped US postal service - no fee if there is no duty)
GST - 7% those bastards

Total = $873

and worth every penny

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