With you all the way, sort of.  DH casing assagai front and back with Cushcore pro.  Tape job is the only thing to fail and that happens only if I am lazy and throw a tire on without re-taping.  Lesson learned!  I leave EXO and EXO plus to the XC crowd or if found on a new bike they quickly deteriorate and I replace them with the double ass combo.  Strong legs for fun downs.

As far as the others, I haven't had good luck with conti; they just don't set in the bead for tubeless.  Magic Mary is ok but you are either on the side nobs or not, very little transition zone.  I have never wanted to try anything from Trek or Specialized but E-thirteen I may.

For min max, it is all about timing.  Just a month ago many shops had discounted DH casing assagai, max terra compound I believe, for around 100 bucks.  Bought three for the year and then ask myself why 4 pounds of MTB tire rubber cost as much as 80 pounds of car tire rubber?