I heard the rumor as well so I came looking here. This is a real shame. These structure are a part of our history and the history of biking here. The long teeter on Pipeline and the short one on Ladies are more than just pieces of wood. These belong to all of us, not to the DNV.

The district continues to take difficult lines out, but they aren't replaced by anything equally challenging. "Trails for all" seems to be a good slogan, but not the reality.

As I'm sure everyone in this discussion knows, teeters might look hard to ride to people who are not riders, but they actually aren't.  As stated in posts above, teeter-totters on playgrounds are all gone, so these need to go. No real thought about how these are used so differently from those on a playground.  Just get rid of them.

Silk, I feel for you. To have to destroy something so iconic that you were a part of must hurt. That long pipeline teeter is one beautiful piece of work.

The trails and features here are slowly being reworked and removed.  We lose stuff every season, and the way the climate is here now, every time something is taken out, its gone for good.  If you keep taking out challenging features, trails and lines, what do you have left?  I think what you eventually have left is exactly what the district is moving us toward.  Bubble wrapped mountain biking.  And they are moving us there nice and slowly so we hardly even notice...