hi, I am new to this site,very very good content and
very detaild first impression of this bike written.

How does this compare to Honzo?
I am looking at both bikes,as second,afterwork/winter-snow riding.

I now Honzo is benchmark hardtail,but currently 2019 model Of big honzo AL and this machine have similar spec but in my country honzo is 385 US $ more expensive,so I am interested is it worth the difference for a second bike?

Intended use,primarily,bit more agressive xc/trail during afterwork hours and mud,snow(winter months) as I am fed up with maintaining my allmountain bike in these conditions. occasional backpacking(maybe once a year couple of days)

second question is about the brakes. wich alternative brake pads can I use with these MT400 brakes if I upgrade to say Slx rotors? I am sram user so could not find :-)

cheers from Croatia