Posted by: craw

I won't ever buy another Pole but thanks for thinking of me. I have a Geometron in the mail so we'll see how that goes. I think there's more to pedigree, impeccable manufacturing and the slacker HTA+reduced offset than the machining innovations from Pole. I'll let someone else guinea pig that $5000 frame.

Any news on the undisclosed machined frame issues? I'm a happy Evolink 158 owner, and I'm waiting for Pole to bring into the market their long promised DH chariot. And I can't even think of a downhill bike from another brand since the 158 is the first bike that felt like extension of my body, being much comfier in the gnar than most DH rigs. Even after running into all the tiresome issues like the incompatibility with most chainguides or the need to service bearings once a month due to lack of labyrinth seals I would still buy another 158.

However, the glued frame falling apart is a real stopper for me (how quaint!). So far I stumbled upon single case mentioning of this problem, and yours could be the second one. I've been monitoring this thread since this very message, but saw no updates. Any new info? I would highly appreciate it, because I have a choice: simply wait until Pole Stamina 200 is released, or convert 158 to a full-fledged dual crown DH myself.