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Shimano SLX Four-Piston Brake Review - Sept. 1, 2020, 1:21 a.m.

Just an observation on this review. Everything I've read and personally experienced with resin vs metallic pads is the opposite to this review in terms of the difference between them. Resin pads = more initial bite but worse heat management, quicker wear and not so good in wet weather. Metallic = slightly worse initial bite but better heat management and better in the wet and last longer. This review seems to suggest the opposite! I've even heard of wc dh racers use one metallic and one resin in a single brake caliper to try to combine the benefits of both. 

Not a dig btw, just curious as to why this review is literally the opposite of everything else I've read on the issue.

My Favourite Push-On Grips - July 13, 2020, 8:05 a.m.

I converted to Renthal’s ultra tacky push on’s thanks to this website a two or three years ago and love them. Would never have thought of push on’s after years of enjoying the ffaff free joys of lock ons (especially single locks), but having small hands where thicker grips just don't work and reading the article on NSMB I thought I’d try and if I didn’t like it, well it wasn’t an expensive failed experiment. It definitely worked for me. I tend to hold the grips right at the ends (regardless of bar width for some reason) and they were instantly more comfortable than any lock on I’d tried, to the point where I really don’t want to go back to lock ons. Looking at the comments it seems I’m not alone.

I have one niggle though. I’ve been using renthal’s grip glue to install but they sometimes feel a bit “loose” at the ends, despite re gluing the ends and two wires on the ends (one in the little ridge and one right at the end). This is exacerbated after uplift days - here in Wales most uplift venues use trailers where you strap your bike on using the handlebar where the grip is. Tightening the strap sort twists the grip and after a day of runs the grip has been moved inwards and is little loose at the ends. Obviously not a live issue at the moment with uplifts still closed, but when they do re-open it's something I'll be consicous of. It’s still not enough to put me off push on's, but a little annoyance that I’m willing to put up with. 

So, when you say spray paint, do you mean normal rattle can spary paint? Anyone tried spray contact adhesive (DIY type stuff)? I'm looking for something a little stronger that is less susceptible to loosening as above.


Matt Henn's Well Used '92 Honda Civic & Special Giant Reign - Dec. 16, 2019, 3:05 a.m.

100% agree with the comments above, it's great to see the opposite to the "buy new stuff" articles  that are the norm. I know it needs to be to keep sites like this going but a nice welcome change nevertheless, well done NSMB. Also, the environmental benefit of keeping things for longer and repairing is an important thing too, not to be dismissed. Massive respect to Matt.

Save Us SRAM (and our bikes!) - June 22, 2018, 7:25 a.m.

A very interesting article, and refreshing to see from a media outlet who understandably survives through revenue from companies who make their money from the constant selling of “new, better” stuff. Not a criticism of NSMB or mtb media outlets in general or an accusation that NSMB is biased (I don’t think it is btw), but there is a commercial reality that media outlets like NSMB rely on “new, better” to feed them. I'm fine with that.

I actually really like reading about new kit but can’t afford a new bike so this article resonates with me, more so as I’m still riding a 26” Heckler and my wife’s still riding a 26” Cove Hustler regularly. Both with 1 1/8th headtubes and both with 160mm forks so no new replacement options as far as I can see. Both bikes are slackened with offset bushes and headsets, both have droppers, tubeless and 1x but that’s as far they can go to keep up with current trends. Both bikes are actually still running well as I’m ocd about the maintenance of both bikes (I carry out very regular lower legs and air sleeve services), but there’ll only be so long before the forks can’t be salvaged any more and parts won't be available - even decent grippy tyres are getting harder to come by in 26”.

I’ve resisted the urge to buy a new bike for years as I don’t believe in using all of our savings for new bikes when every time I finish a ride I absolutely always finish it with a big smile on face, especially when having a young family means rides are more precious. All my wishing for a new bike when I’m on the internet (too much btw) completely disappears when I actually get on the bike. We are now trying to save up for new bikes but it’ll be at least year or so before we can financially justify 2 new bikes, and the only reason for changing them in reality is parts becoming obsolete / difficult to buy (decent tyres as mentioned, internals for 2009 fox 36’s anyone?). I’m sure that a new bike would be nicer, better, faster etc and I do want a new bike but I very much doubt it would make my smile at the bottom of a descent any bigger so I'm not willing to dig a financial hole for myself and my family to get one.

Sorry for the long post, it’s just the article resonated with me.

4 comments found

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