This has all come from the logging industry lobbying our spineless politicians. 

We are now at a stage where well liked/heavily used trails are protected from logging - for example Powerhouse Plunge in Squamish. If our forests are filled with potentially protected mountain bike trails, then there are less trees to cut down. The logging industry wants to get in early & reduce the number of mtb trails before they can reach protected status & the government is allowing this to happen.

This hopelessly out-dated industry is clutching at straws in an attempt to extend its lifespan. BC has changed. Your basic 'BC Box' home in Squamish is not worth $1million+ (think property taxes) because of logging or other resourced based industry. Recreation is the new resource & its a sustainable resource that has the potential to continue to grow & bring a great deal more money to BC's economy than logging does. The logging industry is a dinosaur & its about time that dinosaur became extinct. 

No one wants to see job losses, but things have to change. Perhaps those loggers would make awesome paid trail builders? Tourism Canada makes a big deal of the recreation opportunities that exist here, but I don't think they channel any funding towards preserving (or growing) that resource.

If you see Resource Officers out on the trails, I encourage you to question what they are doing there. Remember that they work for you, the tax payer. This is a huge waste of our time & money.

Obviously there is a hypocritical element to all of this. I want a cedar fence in my yard, I want to read paper magazines & wipe my ass with toilet paper. NIMBYism is not usually the answer, but in this case perhaps it is. Move the logging away from the recreation. BC is a very big place. Tourists coming to Canada should not be looking at cut blocks from the Sea-to-Sky highway, or driving through total decimation on their way to Tofino. 

Change can happen if we really want it to. Like Cooper says, we need to demand more from our elected officials.