I am looking for someone to push me.

I'm really struggling to find a new bike, I LOVE the idea of this primer as my next steed. Truly.  However, it's costly and for a cheaper price, I've been offered a stumpjumper pro (2017) also mega tempting.

I am scared to spend this kind of cash on a hard tail again, as I age, will I love it still? I'm only getting older (heading towards 40 now).  I lean towards the stumpjumper for this reason.

BUT the joy brought by the process of a Primer order and eventual delivery is mega exciting to me.  The downsides here are hard tail and a bit of a wait and LOTS of that unsure feeling.... I'm not enjoying it.

Purpose of my next bike... A daily beast to ride no matter the weather, I'll ride trail ,I'll ride the bloody paved path just to get my daily exercise I don't care. I do have a cross bike but it's... boring, fast but boring and doing trails on it, fuck me! That thing shakes the hell outta me and I've damaged something every single time.  So I'm looking to replace it with something more fun.  I live in Canada. Either bike would do. But what's the better choice? fuck if I know. Hard one for me.

Here's where you may say I'm a moron, I have the new Rocky Mountain Altitude C90, what a beast. It's geo is extremely similar to the chromag.

I think in part spec, we have a ton of similarities, Chromag has the better brake choice while specialized has the rear shock. Steel vs Carbon. I don't know. 

I will add one last note, I do have a salsa marrakesh  it's steel and mega heavy and SLUGGISH. I like it because it's a grocery getter and silent but so sluggish I never ride the damn thing.  This is part of the reason I'm scared to add another steel bike to the quiver.