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Is your Saddle Too Long? - Feb. 6, 2020, 9:29 a.m.

Did the same for my son, for the same reasons... but bought the SDG Jr. Fly.  Made a big difference.

Racing Bummers of 2019 - Jan. 22, 2020, 11:13 a.m.

Brook's crash response still baffles the shit out of me and makes me angry.  In a country with hundreds of ski and mountain bike resorts and back-country areas that have lead to the development of a huge number of extremely experienced SAR teams... that deal with these kinds of incidents too often through the year.  How did this happen??!

I've heard the excuses for the long lead time etc... but having witnessed long-line rescues on spine boards out of remote back country areas in less time than Brook was removed... I have zero idea how this was fucked up so badly.

And if it's their process that truly impeded a more timely response... then it needed to be changed a long time ago and better not be the same right now, as it was when this happened.

Is it not the same or similar teams running the response show at MSA during the winter??  Would someone injured in a inaccessible spot that can't be moved, during the winter not been long-line air lifted (in appropriate weather), much faster than this happened?

Maybe I'm being naive... but a resort like MSA that is hosting a WORLD CHAMPS and not having a way to remove a significantly injured rider that can't be moved seems insane to me.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge can explain this in a way that makes sense to me...

Developing the Chromag Dagga Pedal - Jan. 22, 2020, 10:55 a.m.

On that note, was there talk of the new pins in a shorter version?  Or are they the same height as the old pins when you use the washers?

Want the new threaded tips, but old height... hard to tell from the pics.


Developing the Chromag Dagga Pedal - Jan. 21, 2020, 12:39 p.m.

After moving from fairly wide flats with a bit of a duck stance to clipless... I needed to go Crank Bros in order to get their wider axle kit... I even needed to use a washer on them to get my stance where I like it... though it still feels just a little restrictively narrow to me.

This article really spoke to me... after riding clips for a full year, I'm going back to flats.  I am most definitely not at the level of Chris Kovarik, haha, but like him... it seems I like to move my feet around quite a bit and in ways that clipless pedals don't currently allow.

Even after a year on clips, I still find I just can't get as comfortable or be as confident, especially on gnarly terrain, as I am on flats.  And I still find myself trying to move my feet and adjust their placement in different ways for different types of terrain, but feel held back by my clipless pedals fixed position.

I also like to climb in a different position than I descend... though I've kind of gotten used to climbing in a more mid foot position (I push my cleats all the way back on my Giro Chamber II's)... I love being able to move my foot back a bit for climbing with flats.

The only benefit I've found to being clipped in has been during races, when I want to get out of the saddle and just hammer/sprint... I worry less about my foot coming off and/or getting it back into the proper position for optimal "hammer time".

But, this seems negated by the times I come unclipped during a gnarly section or pedal strike, can't get clipped back in while still trying to be fast in that section, but am bouncing around on a slippery clipless pedal, forcing me to slow down... at least with flats, if my foot got bounced, I could jam it back on... and even if it wasn't in an optimal position, it was solid enough to keep pushing hard and adjust later when the gnar dies down.  After a year of riding and racing, I still never got very good at re-cliping during intense scenarios.

Anyway, didn't mean for this to turn into a "flats vs clipless" rant... but I think there's a lot to be gained from wider q-factors and platforms.  And maybe it even seems,  bottom brackets?  And I'm not a big guy... 5'11" with size 9.5 feet... maybe my hips are wider??  Not sure... maybe the width preference comes from years of snowboarding?  Come to think of it, after the winter season... the first time I throw a leg over my bike, it always feels a little narrower than I remembered...

I get the sense maybe people aren't moving their feet enough??  Maybe I move mine too much?  Maybe it's just how I learned to ride... I don't know.

The Best Of Lubes vs The Rest Of Lubes - Jan. 16, 2020, 11:26 a.m.

What's up with waxing chains?  Just came across this for the first time the other day (weird because it seems it's been a thing for quite some time).  Anyway, thinking about it... any experience?  Pros? Cons?

Showers Pass Syncline CC Jacket - Jan. 9, 2020, 10:24 a.m.

In this day in age of being truly spoiled for choice with amazing products released weekly... this thing seems straight out of 2001.  After wearing this thing, seems you would definitely not pass on a shower.

Best of 2019 - Tim's List - Jan. 2, 2020, 8:46 a.m.

So when is Forbidden dropping a longer travel version?  I know their 130/140 "feels" like a lot more.  But that just begs the question... what would that platform "feel" like at the 150/160 level?

Scare Yourself - Nov. 13, 2019, 1:07 p.m.

Haha, nice!  Reminded of the time in, what... maybe 2005, 2006?-ish... few years after I' had moved down from Whistler, didn't have a bike and hadn't ridden in a number of years.  Some of my buddies who were all on the best of the day wanted to get me back out.  "Just find a bike and meet us up there!".  Ok... girlfriend's brother had an old Rocky Mountain Hammer sitting around... grabbed that and headed up.  Met the boys at the bottom and they all basically looked at me like I was insane... this was about to be my first ride on the Shore... I had no idea.  We rode up Fromme... which I called "Grouse" multiple times during the ride. "So, how far are we from the top of Grouse?"  "Could you just ski down here?" "Does Grouse mind us riding on their mountain?"  haha... so much cringe thinking about it now..

So we ride up and we get to... I don't even remember which trail it was, but it was either Expresso, Ladies or Pipeline.  We're about to drop in and everyone turns to me and is like "You ready?  You going to be ok?" with what seemed like quite a bit of worry in their eyes and voices.  I'm like "Ya, why?  Lets just go!"

I don't remember a lot about that ride, except... it scared the fuck out of me!!  But I kept riding... I was having fun and I think I held my own... I rode what felt like quite a bit, I know I walked some... and I specifically remember passing a couple groups of riders parked on the side of the trail staring at me and my bike in what seemed like disbelief as I rode by... another couple of guys cheered hard as I rode by.  It was all very strange and surreal to me... I was just riding my bike.  Rode out the bottom and my group of friends was high-fiving me, hugging me and cheering.  I was sort of confused... it was hard, I walked some section and some sections that I rolled into scared the shit out of me and maybe I was lucky to be alive... but it didn't seem that bad.

It did scare/excite me enough to go get a bike... bought a Brodie Hoodlum (arguably a pretty good all-mountain enduro bike... kind of ahead of it's time).  I actually took it out for a couple rides a few years ago before selling it (why did I do that?) and that 160mm Rockshox Domain coil with the U-turn travel adjust feature... was butter.  That was an awesome fork!  And seemed to still work so well after like 7 or 8 years of no use and had never been serviced?!  Beauty of coil I guess?

Sellers Remorse - Nov. 6, 2019, 2:46 p.m.

My first "real" MTB was a sweet 1991 deep purple Rocky Mountain Fusion!  I was 13 years old and badly wanted to upgrade from my used Louis Garneau department store bike.  Parents told me they'd pay for half if I went and got a job... so I did.  Man did it feel good rolling that baby out of the Bike Barn in Penticton! Actually raced cross country on that baby for a couple years in the Okanagan.  Races were funny back then... Did one race where we did four races in one day... an Uphill Race so that we could then turn around after an hours rest and race back downhill on the same course.  Followed by a cross country race which was followed by this super fun and weird 4X "criterium" on a really short but technical (basically no trail, kinda overland style) course.

Upgrades included a Girvin Flexstem... and I promptly went through 4 of them in a single summer... haha.  Also had some crazy long double-bend bar-ends, which just looked so cool!  And of course the requisite Panaracer Dart & Smoke tire combo!   Also upgraded the fork to a straight legged butted aluminum affair after I bent the first set of forks backwards by a good 40 degrees when I nailed a huge, unseen hole while bombing down through an orchard in Naramata... good times!  Oh and of course... toe clips.

But alas, 15 year old me, sold that bike so I could buy a skateboard, snowboard and all the gear.  Didn't get on a bike properly again until I just happened to be living in Whistler when they opened the bike park... "Huh, that looks fun."

And 28 years later, this past summer while visiting my parents in Naramata, I took one of my 8 year old sons on an awesome ride up and down Campbell Mountain... my old stomping grounds.  The circle of mtb life!

Is B.C. Getting Daylight Saving Time All Year? - Nov. 1, 2019, 9:35 a.m.

It will be interesting when we switch. Check the link below... it's a Wikipedia page that shows which countries around the world observe DST or Standard... and how many times & when they've switched. It's amazing how many countries have gone back and more multiple times!!

I think Russia might be a good example for us... they observed DST in 1917–1919, 1921 (some areas) and 1981–2010. In 2011–2014, they used permanent DST. But in 2014, they left permanent DST and switched to permanent standard time.

Another good example and a very interesting one is the UK... they have observed DST (commonly referred to as British Summer Time (BST)) since 1916 and that's what they currently do. But they had Year-round Summer Time (BST) + a Double Summer Time (BDST) in 1940–1945. And then Two-stage Double Summer Time (BDST) in 1947 and then observed Year-round Summer Time (BST) 1968–1971.... but again are back to having a DST or BST during the summer and standard time during the winter.

Even the US... observed year-round DST in 1942–1945, and 1974–1975.

Some countries have switched back and forth from observing a time change a huge numbers of times... Turkey = 9 times, Portugal = 7 times, Nicaragua = 5 times, Uruguay = 8 times, etc, etc... although I have a feeling it probably becomes a political issue and for some of these countries the switch might depend on which party is elected. I could easily see that happening here... the NDP brings it in... there's a groundswell of liberals who start saying "that was stupid, vote Liberal and we'll switch it back!" A couple people I work with who are liberal supporters have already been saying things like "why is the NDP bothering with something like this when there are far more important items to be working on" haha.

On a personal note, I voted for the switch because I don't think we should be changing time twice a year, it really fucks with people. When I was young and didn't have as many responsibilities I would have loved the extra time in the afternoon for biking, skateboarding and hiking back country snowboarding. But, like you mentioned... with a young family these days, my weekly Sunday morning, dirt-church, dawn patrol ride is generally the only ride I get through the late fall/winter/early spring and this change could make that more difficult... 

But.. this year we're getting back on the ski hill hard, which means I probably won't be riding much this winter anyway which makes the issue kinda mute for me.  I also don't see the issue with the si resorts.. they can just open and close later... which would actually be great, we can all sleep in a little more!

Norco Launches New Sight, Includes Youth and Adult Models - Oct. 30, 2019, 9:28 a.m.

Wow, nice work Norco... the Sight has really evolved.  Had a 2017 Sight and still have great memories of that bike, it punched far above it's weight class even back then when it was a 140/150 "trail bike".  Now as a 150/160 with 64 degree head angle )63.5 in 27.5"!)..., 78 degree seat angle, 485 reach and 1262 wheelbase (Size large 29'r)... I'd say the Sight has grown from a capable trail bike into and Enduro bruiser!

Only gripe is the big leap in numbers between the medium and large.  But, what I've learned about all the new geometry designs from the last couple of years... you really can't just go by the numbers.  You have to get on the bike the designer intended your height to ride and feel what it's like... it'll often surprise you.

Building On Boundary Trail (An Heirloom Trail) - Oct. 17, 2019, 9:31 a.m.

Beautiful work!!

2020 Norco Optic 29 Review - Oct. 16, 2019, 2:14 p.m.

ya, just hoping that since it's so new, more casings/compounds will come.  It was the same with the Assegai... took awhile to get more options.

2020 Norco Optic 29 Review - Oct. 15, 2019, 2:56 p.m.

Felt the same way about the Schwalbe MM and new HD.  Decided to make the switch when I got my new bike back in Jan... by the spring I was back on the DHF and DHR II combo.  The MM wasn't too bad, actually enjoyed it... but the Hans rolling speed was a little lower than you'd expect from a tire with it's grip levels.  Sometimes I'm willing to trade one for the other depending on conditions, but the Hans just didn't seem to have either.  Found the biggest difference was on damp steep slabs, rolls and rocky terrain where I could usually rely on at least some rear braking, but not with the hans.. had a few hairy moments with that tire.

Hoping to try out the Assegai/Disector combo soon... also hoping they release the Disector in more casing and compounds (EXO+ MaxxTerra 2.4WT please.)

CushCore 29 PLUS Inserts Ridden - Sept. 20, 2019, 10:24 a.m.

Interesting idea that could work well in the summer... I'd just worry about the SS tread pattern packing up during the fall/winter/spring and turning into a wet fully slick tire.  I've never used the tire though.... thoughts on that?

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