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Sept. 29, 2021, 11:02 a.m.
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Re: Wet weather glove suggestion

Any gloves with Goretex windstopper. The thinner the better. Your hands will be wet but the Gore Tex windstopper breathes well and retains heat. MEC used to sell the ultimate windstopper glove. Always sold out. Now MEC is a sell out. 

Water proof rated and dirt do not mix . I would not bother with water proof gloves. They won't be for long.

Sept. 4, 2021, 9:15 a.m.
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Re: Anyone know why none of the 3 ski hills on the shore run bike parks in the summer?

Put a massive parking lot over ammo dump at base of Seymour.  Shut down the access road to save on maintenance and put a Gondola up to Seymour. Then have a big earth mover carve out some fun roads,  I mean trails,  down to some trendy resteraunts. 

Foreign investors will pay for it all and reap the profits. 

Or we can have hand built trails built with passion .

Aug. 20, 2021, 10:42 a.m.
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Re: ebikes on the Shore

I love the feeling of power . My  power . It's awesome that's why I love pedal bikes. Commute full time by pedal bike.  Should I get an Email bike for commuting? Sorry I actually enjoy the feeling of my power. Believe it or not commuting by pedal bike is not a chore it's a fun and rewarding challenge. 

Bikes with electric motors and batteries on hand built trails?  The bike purist in me hates them. My logical empathetic side says ignore them they are not causing any damage. 

Embrace electric motor mountain bikers with the same bro love I give to all riders. That's difficult. 

Do I shuttle sometimes yes. And one gentleman has an E bike . He is very talented . Does not appear to cause any greater damage to the trail. 

Then a light went off. Newbies destroy trails by trying to ride fast and then big fistfuls of rear brake ripping up the trail.   Bikes with motors to assist the climb make these difficult to access trails. Difficult just because of length of climb with a real pedal bike. Much easier for inexperience riders to attempt difficult trails. 

This is the future that I'm trying to accept. Everyone deserves to ride on trails.  

I will never grow fondly towards electric motor bikes unless they have no pedals and a 12000 watt motor . Then I'm game. 

I rode accross Second Narrows bridge. Why the fuck is everyone riding in the opposite direction of traffic?  Your idiots! I'm barreling down the bridge going back to North Van and I have to slow down almost to stop for these self serving lazy idiots.  

Oh and this law about me staying close to the curb. That is now occupied by cars! What curb it's now a parking lot. So I'm not getting doored and yes many close calls . So I have to ride right in the middle of the street. 

Lastly most E bike commuters are uneducated about how to commute by bike to say the least.  They are as thoughtless and dangerous as people in automobiles.  Eventually all Electric motor bikes will be licensed and regulated. Right after a few die. That's usually what it takes. 

Electric motor bikes on trails . It's here to stay . Get over it.

April 19, 2021, 12:49 p.m.
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Re: BC COVID Restrictions

Think of all the money being saved . All those govt employee s in the tourism industry. We can lay them off yes. Provincial camp grounds are shut down right.? Obviously reservations for camping is not needed as only locals can camp right?  Tourism is not an essential service . 

My take : out door recreation is an essential need for people to stay healthy so they can be fit and be far more capable of fighting off a virus. 

Please : park in a quiet neighborhood and ride your bike to the trail entrance. 

Please do not stop or congregate at trail entrance or exit.  

Please do not stop on the trail and move your bike off the trail. 

Please be extra nice and courteous. Lots of inexperienced people wishing to enjoy the great out doors.

March 12, 2021, 6:53 a.m.
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Re: The Legal Weed Thread.

I can talk to the guys and gals that make the micro brews I like. I can get a sample and smell the wonderful aromas. That what I was doing when dispensaries were open just before legalized cannabis.  The quality is getting better for legal pot and strains with CBD are beginning to become popular. 

It's a weed . Very easy to grow . Auto seeds can be purchased one at a time for about 15$ autos are easy , all female just run light at 20 hours. A cheap Amazon led running 100 watts draw will work great . Cost about 100$ . 

Dispensaries , mail order , delivery , grow your own or your connection you have known forever. Plenty of choices. 

I find flowers at dispensaries are quite good but not exceptional.

June 30, 2020, 8:20 a.m.
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Re: Squamish just ain't what it used to be

To me braids are easy lines not created by the builder. There are alternative lines around stunts built by the trail builders. Then there are ( my oppinion) people who lack the skill and cut an easy line.  Entrails in Squamish suffers from this as well as every Shore trail. 

I'm the guy that diligently blocks off braids no matter how many times some pathetic twit removes the barrier. 

Strava is for self preening douchebag s .

May 18, 2020, 8:08 a.m.
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Re: North Shore Trail Riding Etiquette and Behavior in a Global Pandemic

Posted by: FLATCH

Posted by: Bull_Dozer

Posted by: FLATCH

Doesn’t matter where the city gets their money it’s the homeowners that are out of pocket

How much does North Van actually spend to maintain Fromme on an annual basis? I'm going to guess that no more than $10 of your annual property taxes goes to funding Fromme.

Also, do you never go to other areas outside of North Van and use their parking/park/etc? Using your logic I should probably go stand outside Stanley Park and give people a hard time who aren't Vancouver homeowners.

You don’t fucking get it do you, I am focussing on what comes out of the homeowners pocket not the fucking city.This is entirely about the homeowner, once again nothing to do with the fucking city. If you pay thousands of dollars every year on your property taxes wouldn’t you like to be able to park in front of your fucking house.

You can park in your yard. You don't own the streets every tax paying Canadian has the priveledge of utilizing our streets. It's a shame they are used as a parking lot.

April 20, 2020, 10:52 a.m.
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Re: North Shore Trail Riding Etiquette and Behavior in a Global Pandemic

For now the DNV is letting us get out side and enjoy the trails. 

When I see a hiker I get off my bike and walk into the bush. 

I do the same with bikers traveling towards me. 

Children look at me with curiosity. The parents would explain why but they are too busy to explain why I'm social distancing. ( sarcasm) 

I get out in the evening and bring my light with me. That said Fromme and Seymour are saturated with hikers . They need the outlet so I let them enjoy the trails. For now I'm avoiding those zones. 

The world is fucked up right now. Yet the land managers , for now, are letting us enjoy the forest. I'm am truly grateful and will happily do my part to reduce harm to others. 

Cam made a great point:

Smiles do not spread the virus but smiles can bring happiness and peace to others. 

BC has been an example to the rest of Canada and the world for reducing the amount of people infected. But at least for another month us mountain bikers need to think about the big picture and most of us are. 

Thank you.

April 13, 2020, 2:02 p.m.
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Re: North Shore Trail Riding Etiquette and Behavior in a Global Pandemic

Exelent explanation of virus transmission Tashi. 

My theory. People become infected with no symptoms. Then they hang out with close friends having no clue they are transferring the virus to a whole new group of people. How else did over 1000 BC residents get infected? 

Why is Park Royal parking lot full of cars? Are they shopping for essential goods?  

I go grocery shopping and watch people touch every item and then put them back. Door handles are exelent source of human contact. 

Ignorance spreads the virus thus I appreciate Tashis information and oppinion. 

Ride with a buddy? That's a huge risk. 

Shopping for anything but essential goods. ? Why? 

My advise, Ride solo , Ride with family but only if you all live in the same house.

From what I have read and I'm no expert, talking to friends at a close distance is probably the primary cause of virus infection. 

I still see small groups of friends all over the place happily chatting with no concerns about distance. 

I assume most people are acting responsible. Some are not. 

I personally stopped working as my client does not take the pandemic seriously. 

I am riding solo .

I shop for sustenance not material stuff. 

This pandemic is with us at least till June. I will be extra cautious verses getting upset that some people are blowing this out of proportion.

April 5, 2020, 10:29 a.m.
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Re: North Shore Trail Riding Etiquette and Behavior in a Global Pandemic

Stress is real for everyone right now. Plenty of people doing things that we don't feel is correct behavior. 

I think of mountain bikers as a whole are good examples of friendly courteous happy people. We can be the leaders of responsibility to the community. 

Please don't ride on Seymore . Why. There are only three entrances and all will be crowded with far too many people . Perhaps park on a street in Deep Cove a quiet street a block or two from trails and hike up the Dark side . There is about 20 trails to choose from . Quarry rock is not one of them !

Fromme has about ten trail heads other than the parking lot . Please don't park near the parking lot . Park two or three blocks away. 

I live near a park trail and I can't ride it and practice social distancing. Too many people. All local park trails are congested with lazy bored people. 

Cypress has plenty of lesser known trail entrances. Have an adventure go look for them and perhaps leave your bike at home. 

Use a trail running App such as Giaa to find unmarked trails and go explore on foot. Let someone know where you are hiking if your exploring. 

I don't know how to ride my bike to trails with out hitting pinch points of crowds and it's always at trail heads. 

It's very easy to get upset I'm not doing very well at staying positive but I'm trying.  

Sorry but trail riding on popular trails is not really acceptable at all.

Be safe 


June 25, 2019, 2:21 p.m.
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Re: ebikes on the Shore

I got into mountain biking as a form of freedom.  The feeling of joy I get hiking or biking to a destination under my own power. I like to earn my view at the top of the mountain. Still this is my personal experience of what gives me joy. 

From the humble beginnings in California this was the goal. To get to the top of a mountain using your own power. The only sound you hear is nature and perhaps your own heavy breathing.  

Mountain biking evolved into something  different. A money hungry monster.

Nov. 20, 2018, 10:06 a.m.
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Re: why white people suck and the MEC

I believe white males between 25 and 45 years old are the market that the mountain bike industry targets.

I'm quite certain the most white North Americans are not into our door sports unless it involves watching the sport on a couch.

Poverty. 80% of the worlds population makes less than ten dollars a day. Try fixing that!

You own a mountain bike? You get to have time off to do things you like. On a world model you are rich!

MEC donates to trail building groups . They give back to the community.its 100% Canadian owned. I am very happy to support MEC and my LBS.

Buying your made in China toys on line and giving your money to some other country to save a few bucks. How ethical is that.?

I don't wear bike specific clothes . For the most part it's low quality flashy look at me crap. MEC sells jerseys with no advertising logos for half the price of a snazzy Fox Jersy. MEC brand pants have always worked great for me. Water proof jackets( ahem no jacket stays waterproof after constantly being bombarded with dirt) 150$ with pit zips. If I get a bad zipper or threads come undone. MEC replaces the garment. Talk about backing what you sell.

In conclusion affluent whiny white people suck.

MEC is great. No one forces you to shop there .

Sept. 24, 2018, 2:13 p.m.
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Re: Why I don’t want an ebike (but I don’t hate them)

It is very easy for my emotions to have a great influence on this subject. May i add that this is in the Shore forum. This is about Shore trails yes?

Why did i get into mountain biking? I first was into hiking. I noticed the trails would be easier on my knees if i could ride down. I also noticed i can get farther into the mountains and still get home before dark. The hikers did not mind if i greeted them with a big smile.

The hikers did not mind and were impressed with the tenacity  of us using our own power to climb up and ride down on our quiet bikes.

E bikes make an ugly electric buzz when climbing. I remember hearing one on Seymore power lines  way before i saw the guy mashing up the hill.

What inspires me and makes me proud is getting into the mountains under my own power. 

E bikes. No thats a nice name for what they are motor cycles. I do not want to see motor bikes on trails. I do not want to hear motor bikes on trails.

I commute full time by bike. I have no car. 

If you commute by bike then yes sir bring on the E bikes. I love the feeling of propelling my self under my own power. Its a rush that i get to feel every day.

I guess if your out of shape and have plenty of hills to climb then perhaps an E bike will suit you. Do you wish to get in shape? Ditch the crutch bike and get a real bike.

Ride on the Shore? We are all going to laugh at you if you ride a E bike which is actualy a motor bike.

As for all the sponsored pros riding E bikes on Shore trails.  You are sending a very dangerous message to the riding community. Your personal yet paid opinion is that electric bikes are OK on the Shore trails.

You are not the spokes person for the community of mountain bikers on the North Shore. 

My opinion is that E bikes are great for commuting.

Electric bikes have no place on North Shore trails.

Nov. 15, 2017, 1:24 p.m.
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Re: Inter River pumptrack

Yes take the kids to this pump track.

If you want a great pump track experience visit the Empire pump track. Might be a bit wet now but after a couple of dry days the track is good to go.

Jay rebuilt the track this summer. Again thanks .

The Inter river pump track has issues lets leave it at that.

Nov. 15, 2017, 1:19 p.m.
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new trail !!!!! Fromme

Last summer i found a new trail that lets you finish Expresso right to the bottom.

It got punched out this dry summer.

I did the trail last week. Some one rebuilt all the washed out bits.

The trail is smooth and flowy again.

Im not a big fan of smooth but this trail is great for newbies to learn on.

I am a big fan of fun jumps and this trail has exellent yet forgiving fun jumps as side lines.

If you build a trail on the shore a feature or two is nice.

This trail does not let me down!

Nice boulder roll to fun gap jump.

I know who built this trail. lets keep the trashtalk to zero please.

Thanks Woody for making a sweet new DH trail.

Who ever did all the trail maint. Awesome work!

Saw Digger on Fromme . Good to see his smiling face. One more knee to repair.

The man put a gap jump and a new rock feature on his classic trail ladies only.

Thanks to all who build or maintain trails!

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