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Shimano Adds New Cranksets and a Derailleur to Their Lineup - March 27, 2021, 10:28 a.m.

I guess it's just me . I don't have dirrect mount rotors . They exist but they are not popular. Why do I want dirrect mount chainrings? Forgive my lack of knowledge . Are all dirrect mount chainrings using the same standard?  Glad I stocked up on chainrings for my old standard Saint and SLX cranks.  

Change for the sake of change or fixing a common issue. ? My guess four bolts at the end of the spider will do a far greater job of resisting a chain ring bending.  So I would describe dirrect mount chainrings as a down grade.

Provenance: Was that Bike Part Stolen? - March 24, 2021, 7:24 a.m.

Yes we love our gadget s on our bikes. What if an " affordable" GPS tracker was sold with every investment of a good mountain bike. 

Buying used parts? First thing I always ask. It's it stolen? Then I ask how / why it's being sold. 

Stealing mountain bikes is common because there is a market for stolen goods.

Going To 14 Speed - March 16, 2021, 12:39 p.m.

I do manually shift my seat up and down.  I'm running a Saint 36 tooth big ring. It's a single speed chainring . I can still shift up and down . With my grip shift. BTW my dual sus commuter sees dirt as it's my off road touring bike.  Never dropped the chain.  The Giant XTC was designed to be an efficient mountain bike. More platform than what modern suspension s have. 

I remember Shimano cassettes having three bolts holding the cogs together with plastic spacers. O the good old days when you could tinker more with equipment. 

Imagne if some one made modular cassettes that you could change gear steps and spacers for 7 to 12 speeds.

Going To 14 Speed - March 16, 2021, 7:25 a.m.

My dual sus commuter bike has a Shimano plastic bash ring and two gears up front. Oh look a steep hill. One quick click and I'm in my 24 tooth up front.  Then I start thinking about longggggg cage derailuers huge cassettes. 2 by systems are compact and easy on the eyes.  They worked great! Chains falling off? Clutch derailleur stops that old problem.   I bet XTR front derailleur s are given away.

2021 Kona Honzo ESD - Full Review - March 6, 2021, 9:27 a.m.

A hard tail reminds you that the rider does most of the action . Sounds like the hard tail also helps you progress your confidence on challenging sections. It's great that we have sophisticated technology to make our bikes refined couches. It's awesome that we have the choice of what we want to ride. On teck gnar like BookWus or Skull a hardtail works just as well as full squish.  Which reminds me . I need to ride Skull , maybe get off the bike and fix( block off) the braids. But I digress. 

Sounds like your having a blast on the Honzo.

Foxzocchi Z36 Coil GRIP2 VVC - March 2, 2021, 8:49 a.m.

The first fork failed . Do to your careful communication and exelent relationship with the bike industry you got a whole new fork. 

Does not work that way in the real world for most of us. 

I bet if you rode three identical fox 36 forks or 3 Zebs that are identical they would all feel different with the exact same settings. 

Shitty quality control.  So we have warranties. Great.

MTB Media and Spy Shots - Feb. 26, 2021, 12:21 p.m.

Fart jokes and tabloid media can be found in Pink Bike. 

Keep is classy Cam. And you do. 

Keeping a bike a secret before it's released is marketing. I have no understanding or luv for marketing. After a year or two on the market parts prove themselves. Then I spend my hard earned cash.

SR Suntour TriAir Rear Shock - Feb. 25, 2021, 8:46 a.m.

You one of the few who talks about attacking climbs un seated. My style too. It allows me to make weight shifts easier and quick power burst. Not needed on Fromme road climb but a 30 kg Banshee scream with a granny gear will have no problem climbing fire roads. 

On teck climbs out of saddle is needed. You didn't need the climb switch or to make many adjustments? I think that expresses your good climbing skills. And a well thought out bike. 

I had a rare Durolux rear air shock. I put it on a Spesh Enduro. Felt very close to a coil but I never felt a harsh bottom out. An old trick add grease to the negative or positive chamber to reduce air volume. 

Always an honest and refreshing review Andrew.

Shut up and Listen: Sanesh Iyer - Feb. 18, 2021, 12:34 p.m.

My last group ride was with Yoshi , Masaki , kieda ( woman rider)  Andrew from Korea . They love mountain biking so do  I. That's what we share. They all traveled to Candada to become Canadian citizen s. 

I saw or felt no racial discrimination me being the only white guy. 

Now if I mention that I commute full time by bike,  no automobile, I'm instantly judged that there is something different.  something wrong with me. 

I know all about prejudice and I'm white.  

Mountain bikers for the most part are caring , accepting people with great world model views. 

Humans are judgemental and racist out of fear and ignorance. This is a huge problem in every society. 

I don't think this issue is rampant in mountain biking communities. 

Then I remember how I was a feeble low skilled rider that was accepted by a very talented crew.  Way back then woman and ethnic minorities did not matter at all!  We took care of each other like family. I  find this family embracing ethics are shrinking. Less emphasis on low impact riding and courtesy. 

I was guilty of this. That other group the E bike crowd. Now I realize they too need to be accepted and shown how to be courtiouus to all trail users. To ride not slide . All the unwritten rules of being a good steward to the sport. 

Weird eh.?  I ride with woman and people of different colored skin.  Maybe they appreciate the sport more than middle class over 30 entitled white males?  

BTW my parents both moved to Canada. I think being Canadian is about cultural diversity.  You don't own this country. This country provides us with freedom and opportunity.

Your Next Bike: 2023 Edition - Jan. 6, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

I see all these change of standards as a good thing. We are all different . What will 2023 bring . New  and improved in minor increments.  The used market is saturated with goodies that aparantly are not  new and improved enough. Boost is needed for 29 inch wheels. I always looked at 29er bikes and thought wow those chainstays look short! the bikes have evolved since then.  its a shame every new bike follows the same trends. A short wheelbase bike will be less stable but much more fun if you like teck . I have been looking at the Cove G spot. The VPP version. Yep its a vintage . So much fun hunting down parts . Im serious  non boost wheels with Criss king hubs maybe some Hope pro 4 . You dont know untill the hunt begins. As long as the standards keep changing i can pick up sweet parts for a song compared to brand new parts. That said the new Deore drive train with SLX brakes mated to a used XTR shifter is affordable and will have outstanding performance. If I can find an eight speed shifter to go with my Sunrace wide range cassette and a wolf tooth front chainring made from steel. Most modern bikes are homogenous  clones with minor differences . I like mixing the old with the new.

When Mountain Bikers are the Saboteurs - Oct. 15, 2020, 12:55 p.m.

Trails are art. Personal interpretations. i dont care if if is some janky shite built by teen agers or some massive built flowy road. Its all built with passion. destroying any ones labor  of love is disrespectful of some ones only intention which is to bring joy to the sport. 

There is no accepted time to rip apart some ones work. Built out of passion.   

Good and bad trail building are opinions   and nothing  more. The thousands of people in BC who build and maintain trails, with or with out consent are my heros.   

Thank you. 

Any one who destroys some ones work because it does not fit your personal opinion . I have no respect for such people.

Some thoughts on the recent purchase of MEC from Uncle Dave - Sept. 29, 2020, 7:56 a.m.

MEC made practical clothing and gear at a reasonable price . They always backed the product. Then they got rather large and trendy. Still they sold affordable oil for bleeding my brakes( discontinued) so I would shop there. One large reason? I was supporting Canadians. Canadian money staying in Canada. 

I don't shop on line. I support my LBS. Which also has flaws but God damnit I'm feeding families in my neighborhood! Not some other country. 

MEC sold out they no longer get my business.

Paul Aston's 210mm Do Everything Nicolai G1 - Sept. 19, 2020, 12:01 p.m.

Yes in my humble experience I always found inverted forks track better than conventional forks. 

Luv my 83 mm BB on my Enduro/ miniDH bike. For trail riding I think wider stance or wide Q factor works in my favor. 

If you have a long wheelbase than go taller with the BB . Mine is 360 mm.  My last bike had a 60 mm lower BB which resulted in some pedal strikes.  I'm certain I lack the finite talent to differentiate between BB hights . I don't really feel more stable with low BB . But a longer wheel base is definitely more stable. 

As for tight corners. Lock up the front end and swing around the rear tire. This can be done on very steep terrain.  Perhaps rely on skill for cornering . Want to corner faster with confidence? Find a dirt pumptrack. There is one beside the PNE . Want to go scary freaking fast on corners go to a paved pumptrack . Want to talk about cornering fast ? Talk about short wheelbase bikes. In the real world . Practice with what you have. 

Finally : I'm so glad the conversation has migrated from how light a part can be to how durable a part should be.

Fit Before Fashion - ProTaper’s 76mm Riser Bar - Sept. 17, 2020, 12:27 p.m.

I remember Howard buying the Marzochi Z one when it came out and to the shock of everyone mounted that 4 inch travel beast on his GT annodized blue Zaskar. He had these super wide( at the time) handlebars with I think a one inch rise.  He wanted an even wider bar and more rise.  

Decades later I'm using those now narrow riser bars on my commute bikes.  They look cool! And I think they are more comfortable on long rides. 

I remember seeing 800 mm bars with shortest stack hight possible. You don't know what works till you try it.  

My Answer pro taper bars in loud orange weighs about 320 grams so these new bars are not significantly heavier. They sure look comfy!

Five Trail Etiquette Essentials To Be a Mountain Biker - Sept. 15, 2020, 11:33 a.m.

Slide don't ride! 

Its way more fun to shralp corners than the boring method of slowing down before the Apex and speeding out of the corner. 

Never lend your tools or a tube to a stranger!  Leave them stranded it's a good lesson for them . Only you should have a good time. 

Don't stand in the middle of a trail . Leave your bike in the middle of the trail. That way people can see you have stopped. 

Any hints on how to dry my undies when I change in the parking lot?

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