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When, Not If. - Jan. 25, 2022, 9:59 a.m.

Sending healing vibes. 

We all heal at a different pace . Keep active . You will be doing easy commuter rides in another 2 months .  Because you are an active individual your body reacts faster to healing from trauma .  

6 months to a life time for full recovery is my guess.  

When the sun warms the trails this summer you will we riding again .Full send.

Fishing Reels & Four-Bar Linkages - Jan. 23, 2022, 11:11 a.m.

Got hit with Giardia from a stream pushing up to Blanchard Needle look out .  

Have a Life Straw now . From London drugs. It's made localy !  Which is awesome. 

Yeah I knew about much teck being applied early to pedal bikes . Early nineties I wanted long and slack . So we got large frames . Disk brakes I knew where the shite! But it took a long time to catch on . If you had Magura loise DH brakes you didn't complain about power.  I'm thinking same ratio as modern Shimano. 

I would not describe Andrew as a Luddite. He looks at every aspect with an open mind. Andrew trail rides no racing to Strava . I can relate . 

I'm a Luddite.  On gnarly trails that going fast just is not going to happen. Race down upper Crippler ?  How about lower Boogie man ? Treasure trail? These trails my old school bike works best . But the modern Durolux fork and new Fox float help considerably .  I run a Straight line bash gaurde . Narrow wide probably is not crucial if you have a clutch derailuer. Shimano disk brakes . I don't think 4 pot callipers have more power. Just more issues with uneven piston travel.  

I think it's imperative that we keep parts compatible. All these new changes for the sake of $ . 

Please keep the discussion going on alternative ideas . Nothing I can do about pushing modern stuff. Sure does look like change for the sake of change these days.

Jailbreak Your Rear Hub (or don't) - Jan. 18, 2022, 11:32 a.m.

I love watching people's horrific concern for doing what is " in theory" not going to work! 

You can't shift narrow wide rings! 

Apparently. Until some one does. 

Short cage derailures don't work with huge plates on the cassete. So I thought.

Andrew your point is still valid probably a very agressive profile narrow wide tooth chainring would be very difficult to shift. But if you can knock it off with your foot ? Then it will shift . Right?  Shifting back up is a bitch . Thats why I use the grip shift.  I have a narrow wide waiting for mounting. I assume my Saint ring will last me about another 3 years .

Jailbreak Your Rear Hub (or don't) - Jan. 17, 2022, 9:41 a.m.

Cam thank you for allowing Andrew to write about something, anything other than that new and improved part. 

I have a friend that runs a 48 tooth out back with a short cage XO derailleur. 10 speed I believe . Anything is possible but as Andrew pointed out first you have to experiment.  

Has anyone tried shifting a narrow wide 2 x system. I run a single speed Saint ring . No shifting ramps . It's not narrow wide . I can shift both ways . I use a grip shift just for the front derailleur.  I currently use a SunRace m 90.  If I use the bike this summer for treking I'll upgrade to clutch. 

I stockpile brand new hubs for my needs . Same with cassettes , tires.  

Did a full ride yesterday , dirt felt so good. Then I rode home from the mountains.  Never did I desire a 9 tooth for more speed.  Maybe it's luck I have rarely ever  had issues with hg drivers . Exept minus 10 and colder they can freeze up . 

Only issues with wide range HG driver cassettes. Weight. I have a 11 36 SunRace 8 speed cassette.  Not the aluminum spider type. 490 grams . 

Upgraded to SunRace 11 42 cassette aluminum carrier I believe it's lighter .  Stamped steel cogs are unfortunately very heavy.  Then I read about 26 up front 36 in the back . Maybe 8 speed. Maybe if someone gets China to whip up some aluminum cogs for the big plates .  

The weight penalty is compensate for the fact that one could mix and match size and speed to your riding style which is very attractive to me.  

The amount of comments thrills me to realize this community is open minded to alternative ideas on what mountain biking can be for the individual.  

Andrew did Fox and Manitou compleaetly give up on 1 1/8 steer tube forks ?  I think they may still have suspension forks for the DJ bikes . The Manitou circus  comes to mind .

Update. 5 1/18 models left and looks like it's old stock .  I know dirt jumping is rather rare but pump tracks are a blast.  26 inch rules on pump tracks ... Any one try wagon wheels in a pump track ?

Where Have All The Chin Bars Gone? - Jan. 12, 2022, 1:18 p.m.

First off the sport we love is about challenge/risk.  My knees are destroyed at the tender age of 55. Because I stopped wearing hard shell knee pads.  

Never wear a full face or helmet with chin bar. Because of vanity . Pride, stupidity. 

I heard head trauma is a rather consistent injury in automobiles.  A neck brace and helmet would be good idea. But my God  I would feel like a dork. 

We ride for fun.  The protection is there for the un planned moment s.  

Shame I let vanity and comfort trump safety.  

Everyone I know that rides full face they don't wear it on the climb.  But a light helmet with a chin bar. Why remove the bar in the first place ?  Oh yes . Vanity. Or worse people are suggesting it's too much effort to carry.

We're Being Slowly Boiled Into Super Boost - Jan. 11, 2022, 9:31 a.m.

Just like dropper post you can get a cable and a mechanical devise to do the work. Adds weight and complexity to the bike . My trekking dual sus bike is 2 speeds up front .  My sexy plastic Shimano bash ring prevents toe shifting and dropped chains .

We're Being Slowly Boiled Into Super Boost - Jan. 10, 2022, 11:41 a.m.

Less gears in the back allows for a narrow cassette. I would love to have a wider BB .  

Change hub spacing , change rotor spacing . For what ? Greater stiffness?  Or better chain line ?  

No boost for me .  It's my less than clear understanding that boost 157 somehow helps 29 inch wheels maintain stiffness?  

We used to stuff 3 inch Gazzlotties between the stays .  

Sorry luv my 26 inch wheels . Articles like this enhance my love for 26 inch wheels .  

Andrew your writing prose so thick with sarcasm and in my opinion blatant truth is very rewarding to read .  

Thank you.

The Future Of Stashed Tools - Dec. 17, 2021, 9:39 a.m.

Your almost justifying the purchase of stolen goods. How can you tell? Oh well why bother trying to find out right? 

I don't think anyone is actually making a choice based on my opinion. And I'm just having fun with the subject of toys, I mean tools . :)

The Future Of Stashed Tools - Dec. 17, 2021, 8:45 a.m.

Why doesn't anyone put a swat box in a seat ? Plenty of room under the rails. I mean a small tool bag under the seat . That's just not cool! Let's invent something minute and complex that has plenty of neat little things and anodized .... Stuff.  

How about we have tool reservoir s built into our frames .  Swat box is so yesterday. Or a secret door behind the Head tube badge.  

There must be standard s adhered to . For the first year then we will have the boost tool reservoir.  Sorry your tools are now obsolete . They don't fit. 

Marketing people! Let's make some money ! 

Sorry Andrew I marvel at the puny little bits splayed on that log and think . Yep I'd loose half that stuff pretty fast.  

As for stolen goods . Who buys the stuff?  If you question every used part you buy. Ask a simple question. Is this stolen?  And if it's a smoking great deal. Yeah it's hot. 

Thieves exist because we support them by buying what they steal. 

I don't think actual mountain bikers who are passionate about the sport steal bike tools.  

But do you buy them ?

The 2022 Santa Cruz Chameleon MX Part II (Finally a Great Ride) - Dec. 14, 2021, 12:42 p.m.

To me this is obviously someone's experience testing a bike and then as many of us do . Fine tune the ride . 

Definitely not a sales pitch. The bike should suite the rider and Andrew demonstrated accurately how he modified the bike to fit his needs. 

Must be more affordable to buy a frame and use what you have with a mix of new parts . 

Fun read . The Growler is half the price? If you do same mods which bike feels better? 

The old 26 inch Santa hard tail was magical. Does this frame have that special feel ?  

Any one got an old Chameleon for sale . ? I think they perform better:) for pump tracks and dirt jumping . Which would you want ?

Andrew's Gift Guide For Good (Mountain Bike) Friends - Dec. 2, 2021, 10:11 a.m.

Gift the gift of a smile. 

And that image put a wide grin on my mug.  

Thank you.

Dual Squish vs Hardtail: Service Spending - Nov. 30, 2021, 1:43 p.m.

These simple pedal devises became ultra sophisticated and prone to numerous break down do to our lust for fancy toys. 

These are fancy toys. It's now a very expensive sport. Very expensive.  

May I suggest skate boarding or jogging? Kidding. 

Steel hard tail frames that can be repaired In a muffler shop in rural India combined with a single speed drive train . Criss king parts. That's a reliable bike ! But who wants that? 

Give me dropper post , long cage rear derailleur s and light weight carbon rims. New and improved but not properly tested . Please. Take my money . Again. And again and again. 

Actually if you are mechanically inclined hunting down vintage parts is way more fun and rather affordable.

There is nothing affordable about new bikes.

My Yeti SB104 - Sheared Pedal Pins & Terrified Grins - Nov. 22, 2021, 1:35 p.m.

Has anyone else noticed slack HT angle feels very awkward at slow speeds? Like doing skinnies or slow teck?  Mind you I'm on smaller wheels .  I remember my 68 degree bike cruised on skinnes . Less chance of fork wobble caused by slow speed negotiating a narrow log.  Track stands and slow trials down hill I swear it's tougher to keep bike stable. Isn't slack for hi speed?  

It's possible that 29 inch wheels need slack .  Same angles as a DH race bike ? 

I'm confused. Or maybe I just suck at riding.

Oh 2003 I had a Giant Warp . 2 inch rear shock . 5 inches rear travel.  Marzochi  5 inch fork up front.  That was my only bike for years.  Rode every trail on the Shore . Loved that bike . Handled perfect . Feels perfect.  

Then some fu. Ker stole it. !  

Some of us  always enjoyed short travel Shore bikes.  

29 inch wheels . Long and slack.  No thanks.  

Not on slow double black teck trails.  

Yes to upgrades to vintage bikes !   Glad we have so much variety.

NSBillet Daemon Pedals Are Made In Canada - Nov. 19, 2021, 11:11 a.m.

Cranking out parts on a CNC machine makes parts affordable.  Machining hardened steel axels is what's bumping up the cost.  As long as standards don't change ..........

These are an investment that should last . Even your new steed will fit these years from now.  Made locally that's awesome! 

Same I don't like my feet being stuck like glue . The worst is when you put your foot down awkward and then hit some teck trail.  I feel much more confident knowing I can easily re position my foot.

The Gear We Live In - Nov. 2, 2021, 11:16 a.m.

I must have 20 jerseys. My minimum ten year old long sleeve Sombrio jerseys always make me smile when I put them on.  

MEC gear and Patagonia as well as top end Arc'teryx is life time warranty.  

For small holes and rips yes give the local tailor a few bucks and you have helped the local economy and the planet.  Thank you Andrew!!!! 

Or if your not too concerned about image but need function. I use shoe glue . It's my sewing kit in a tube . It's waterproof , flexible and very strong.  

Merino wool. If you own it you know its the shit! 

Sorry I have no idea the names of my garments just who makes them . 

Andrew who makes water proof, resistant pants for commuting that work and you don't overheat! I have MEC water proof pants . They work but I overheat after an hour. My Goretex moon stone pants are a perfect fit . Work untill road grime gets in the Goretex.  But I still overheat.

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