Good and interesting review. Having a few weeks now on my own Meltdown it still amazes me how such a slack and confidence boosting bike when descending, can also climb so well. And without changing any adjustments at all. 

What you describe around struggling when loosing drive in switchback l think it hard to avoid without adjusting the shock. All bikes got limitations and I doubt there is any suspension that can sense every situation we end up in.  However there is no doubt this one got less limitations  then anythingelse I have been on. 

Brian suggested a volume reduce in the negative chamber will reduce the sag. I will try that, but full on winter here now so would be good to hear what others do to find tune the ride.. 

Regarding your BB issue. Did you grease the seals on the shells well before installing? Ive had no issues at all and have not noticed any issues with cable clarence either. And I have had my BB out and back in 2 times now since I had to change seatpost due to the DVO post unfortunately turned out to be unusual long for the 150mm travel. Now I have a test winning Bikeyoke Revive 160mm dropper installed. Better in all aspects, and also 25mm shorter in overall length even it got even longer travel! Very well balanced smooth, light and fast action and controle with a superb trigger. 

Yor idea to seal the DT with insulation foam under the shock mount is excellent! I got som leftover pipe insulation from my DIY ghetto tyre insert mod..