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Aug. 20, 2018, 6:53 p.m.
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Re: Five Ten Freerider Pro - durability?

Posted by: LWK

I think its pretty clear that 5:10 soles are not particularly durable, esp for heavier riders, lots of bike park riding, etc.  

I mentioned above that I was going to try a pair of Shimano flat pedal shoes (GR9 model, but all their models have the same sole).  I have a couple of rides in now and initial impression is that they are very grippy.  Maybe not as soft and "sticky" as a 5:10 but the combo of the small interlocking tread pattern and rubber does seem to grip very well.  For reference, I have HT and Shimano Saint pedals on my various bikes and have been on flat pedals/shoes since forever.

Time will tell regarding durability but initial impressions on grip and performance are very positive.  So I'm thinking/hoping there is finally an option to 5:10 shoes

I started off with impacts and then switched to freeriders, which lasted a season (maybe 6 months around here). I'm about 100kg with gear, but even so, I wasn't impressed by that durability, so I gave the shimano Gr-7 a shot. I like the shoe a lot- comfortable and the grip was really good. Like LWK said, not quite 5.10 level, but sufficient. The problem that I ran into is the durability. The soles are toast- you can see through to the green sublayer in multiple spots after 2 months. Basically big chunks of rubber have torn off where the sole contacts my pedals (one up). Bought the shoes through my local shop and took them back, but shimano won't do anything in terms of warranty. Hoping that they hold up better for others, but I'm going to try the freerider pros.

June 7, 2018, 11:34 a.m.
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Re: Bring me your rude and/or clever trail names...

Psyched to see this much-needed conversation happening. Thanks for the context @cooperquinn. Recently had a discussion about naming trails at a local area and it was much harder than expected to come up with witty trail names that even vaguely described the nature of the trail.

On a side note, there was a particularly challenging section of trail where I grew up that was called "Thumping Dick Hollow." Apparently it was a reference to some odd-sounding machinery run by a fellow named Dick, but it used to give us the giggles back when we were in middle school. Hopefully we've moved past that stage!

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