Re: crank length

Very interesting. I’m 5’ 9” with a 32” inside leg (to floor) and I’ve often wondered about 170mm cranks. Every bike I’ve had has come with 175mm and I wonder if it could make a difference being of more, ahem, average height. I always feel that my feet are too widely spread when descending and it seems obvious shorter cranks will help with uphills in terms of reducing leg extension at the front of the pedal stroke.

I’m expecting my RF bottom bracket to go relatively soon and may change out the cranks with the BB when it does. 170mm with an oval ring is really appealing.

But I do wonder if a 5mm change on one leg can really make that much difference? Seems counter intuitive and part of me baulks at spending yet more on effectively an experiment. 

As a result I have to say part of me wonders - as Kenny has done - whether going the whole 165 hog may be the path to enlightenment.