I saw this link shared on a friends page and had to comment. This guy is a scammer. Not all that long ago he was all over the calgary pet FB pages with a gofundme page asking for help to get his dog out of the pound. He was claiming it was going to cost over $600 to get her out. I questioned that amount, and he claimed it was because his dog was not fixed and it would cost more.

I've had dogs my whole life, and I've been to the pound a few times myself. With the running at large fee and impound fees, to get a dog out is only about $150. If the dog was not licensed, that's another $100, and a license for an unfixed dog is only a bit more than it is for a fixed dog. Even if he got all those fines, no way would it be $600 to get his dog out.

This guy preys on people. I see now gofundme has frozen his account. Hopefully police will get involved and he'll be facing charges. I feel sorry for his kid, and ashamed for his wife (if even that part is true!)