Re: How To Be A Road Biker

Posted by: JBV

and i gather road riding helps build and maintain fitness that crosses over to mtn biking? today is a big day. New Bike Day! as soon as i finish typing this, get changed, head down to the LBS and pick up my Devinci Hatchet groad bike.  i'm hoping that (besides regular bicycling joy) it helps build miles on the knees in a good way and gets the legs n lungs in shape for a better mtn bike season. as i age i find the knees are more sensitive to hard early season grinding climbs and the inevitable 'too much too soon'.  maybe frequent road biking will mitigate that. the big 5 oh this yr, kinda blows.

I hear that about the knees. :) Luckily, they are making great progress in science these days, maybe we'll be able to get new knees and keep riding for decades?