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Pivot Cycles 2015 - Sept. 24, 2014, 1:06 p.m.

Love Pivots latest bikes. 4c would be a rad BCBR, tech XC/trail bike for our parts. Mach 6 is divine man does that thing move out under power for a 6 inch bike. Hoping the Canadian parts spec is better suited to enduro this year with better wheel specs. Oh and BTW Blue is their best selling color. That 4c show bike is appallingly set up though. Looks like its been made to fit someone 6 inches to big for the frame size or a grandpa, not a racer. Di2 or not they should spend a some time making it look the business that I'm sure it is before showing it off (I still want one though..)

Loam Ranger Goes Electric - Sept. 3, 2014, 1:55 p.m.

Re 1) Some good points Pete, post race litter is appalling and shows a remarkable contrast in behaviors based on 'race day' stimulus. Racers should be given a stern reminder pre-race about litter. I see near zero litter otherwise on sea to sky trails. As per litter it is a general observation not numerical. As per less respect and trail damage closer you get to a dirt bike (more tire, speed, traction etc) the more trail damage we will see. Adding any type of propulsion will add weight and torque so it's just a logical conclusion that erosion will go up, trails will suffer or need to be built more robustly etc.

Re 3) None yet but trail access in N. Vancouver and elsewhere has been a hot topic for years. When we start started to see e-bikes on trails I suspect the issue would heat up very quickly. It's early days in terms of e-mtb development but we should all keep a watchful eye on it and ensure by-laws and associations work to protect human powered access trails and that a lax policy or enforcement toward e-mtb wont serve us well.

Loam Ranger Goes Electric - Sept. 3, 2014, 9:04 a.m.

Interesting article and something on my mind more and more as I cycle commute with e-bikers daily in and out of Vancouver. I've only seen Bjorn in Whistler on trails and it was jaw dropping to see him rip uphill on his 8″ bike. I get that its fun, it does look a blast but its not the same sport.
My stand thus far is simple. Trails and areas designated for non -motorized use are no E-bike zones and should stay that way. Same categorization for now as dirt bikes. Yes, i know their are differences in noise and potentially trail impact but not in line with self powered travel and their is about a 90% probability that e-bikers will litter more and show less respect for nature as is the case for just about every other motorized sport we know.
I also think pedal assist (meaning you always have to pedal to as part of the power delivery cycle) should be an absolute requirement form of e-bike regardless of use any. If you don't have to pedal it to make it move it's not a bicycle and should not have access to the same bike lanes, trails and paths. Drives me nuts to see scooters like this crossing the Lions gate bridge the thought of seeing a bunch of e-mtb stuff all over the shore or your favorite trail - even more disturbing

3 comments found

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