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Posted by: Gary-Harder
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The new extension we are building
Newest bridge just built.



Gary-Harder  - Feb. 22, 2011, 4:44 p.m.

Rode this sweet extension and can't wait till spring.
Right now this section takes out the short boring road ride and adds a huge amount of XC riding. Up down ,horses begone.
Riders who come out to Sumas will be rightly rewarded, E.side trails are all about the XC world.
KnobGobbler ,out onto the road and right back in.
HolidaySauce once out 40ft on road and right back in.
Then XtraSauce till finally out ,then in and the EmmaPeel awaits till the bottom.
One hour up(if your fit or close to fit) and a hour and a half of XC bliss down.
Come spring all the new work will show and this sucker is going to be fast fast fast.
Did I mention big time fun??


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