Posted by: bux-bux

I think you are right but add 4 hours for rests and possible re routes of sections.

Yup. Going all the way up to Mt Laughlin not only adds length, but some down the back up. The shorter route, the one you showed, cuts out that big dip south of Laughlin. Either way it's a full day, and waning light means if it happens this year, even if it's just an exploratory trip, it needs to happen in the next few weeks for sure. It would be smart to do an early start from Van to get as much light as possible. Sunrise in Chilliwack is at 6:40am, so probably best to leave Vancouver around 3am so that by the time you park the vehicle the sun is just starting to come up. I'd rather have a way early start and less worry of running out of light or having to cut the searching short.