I don't see a 2015 thread and 2014 is locked, figured I'd start one for the last month of the year :)

I went down to Galbraith for the first time yesterday to ride with a buddy who was in the Seattle area. Trails are in great shape, barely any mud, no standing water and a bit of frost on some berms in open areas to keep you honest.

We pedaled to the top and did Evolution then back up to Scorpion into Unemployment Line. From there we took 3 Pigs back up and did Pumptrack into Atomic Dog. The quality of these trails is damn impressive, especially the rebuilt lower half of Unemployment Line, wish I had the skills to hit the bigger jump options.

What was really cool is how much bang for your buck you get vert wise, it doesn't feel like the climbs are that bad compared to the shore. We did 15km in just over 2 hours with a snack break, felt like a lot more riding than I would get in on Fromme or Seymour (I'm a slow climber as you can tell). Tons of people were out enjoying the sunny weather, lots of people on DH rigs for the big jumps too.