How a little time will change thingsā€¦.a week ago friday, the trails were actually a bit dusty and the riding, superb. Wanted to ride yesterday but there was simply too much snow. Headed up again today because it was so warm today. The road up was passable with lots of water running down the surface of the road but most of the snow was gone up to just past Dilemma (so you could manage to that point with 2 wheel drive). At Hidden Pleasures the mud was impressive and there was about 3 inches of snow. Just around the corner heading up to 2 Cents, the amount of snow on the road was much deeper and the only tracks beyond this point were from a quad that managed to struggle up past this point. I perservered with my hump up the road and made it by slogging through nearly a foot of snow to be the first down 2 cents. The trail was a fun ride but definitely very wet and sketchy. Once on Hiddden Pleasures the snow gave way the wicked nasty mud which only got worse was on to TerdFerg. Things improved on Dilemma which was in reasonable shape. I would give the ride a pass for now as all trails are simply too wet to hold up well to any volume of riders.

Time to grab the saw and go do some trail work.

"Walk a mile in another man's shoes. Then, you'll be a mile away from him and have his shoes."