I got a reply. In essence, they are saying that the builder, NSMBA, and LSCR all agreed (after walking it together) that the line is not "maintainable", and encroaches on 5 creeks and wetlands. And it impacts "tree roots". They are suggesting that nobody thought the trail should be kept and is the "wrong place".

I don't buy the environmental justification. Creeks can be crossed with bridges (they were), so can wetlands (they were), and tree roots can be protected (although I think the hypersensitivity about tree roots that we're currently hearing about is over the top - trees appear to survive trail crossings for generations, all over the Shore - and there are lots of trees).

I guess the positive is that the dialog with NSMBA and the builder actually happened - but I feel it is most likely that the outcome was predetermined, that LCSR simply doesn't like losing control and (based on the other decommissioning proposed) will be striving to keep the number of trails low.

Before i reply to this and give my take on what LSCR said - i want to speak to a few people…

Curious to know what really happened. It would be fantastic to have a longer top to bottom challenging trail … CBC, Lola, Cambo

Much like another post said, I couldn't ride all that much of Lola but it was a fun trail. It was also a great way to get into Cambo without the hike a bike. Oh the good old days.