Rules for the Forums
Thank you for visiting the forums. We[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;re happy that you[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;ve decided to join one of the most diverse mountain bike communities on the Web and hope that you will enjoy your stay here.

General Rules
As with everything in life, there are certain rules in place that help to keep this place friendly and running smoothly. In general, if you are civilized and treat others with respect, you will be ok.

This means that you can post anything that you would like (within reason), as long as it doesn[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;t contain the following things:

1.Pornographic or obscene images and text.
2.Excessive or inappropriate language/profanity.
3.Racist images or text.
4.Homophobic images or text.
5.Serious threats of physical violence or mental duress.
6.Images or text that could be construed as sexual harassment.
7.Specific directions to trails.
8.Solicitation of goods or services outside the specific [HTML_REMOVED]#8220;For Sale[HTML_REMOVED]#8221; forums unless approved by a moderator.
9. The post in question contains references to Chuck Norris.

In addition, we ask that you post in the appropriate forum and in the appropriate thread.

Please remember that everyone has an opinion, especially on the Internet. Excessive [HTML_REMOVED]#8216;flaming[HTML_REMOVED]#8217; of other members of the community without their consent or participation, will be considered a serious threat, and a violation of the TOS. If you have a legitimate beef about a competing website, a product or a shop, by all means share it. Trolls and flames will not be tolerated, posts will be deleted, and if you think you can run a better bike shop, then open one and prove it.

What we do if Rules are Broken
Should a post be reported, the moderating team will delete the offending post. The poster will be given a warning in PM along with a short explanation of why it was deleted and why it should not posted again.

If a moderator feels it necessary, then your account may be suspended for 30 days. If upon reinstatement of your account, the undesired behavior continues, then you will be removed from the site permanently and asked not to return.

Like the community, the moderating staff is made up of a diverse group of individuals and we are not perfect. Occasionally, mistakes may happen and if you feel that your banning was a result of a mistake, then you may wish to contact an staff member to clear things up. Please note that "I was only joking" is not a valid excuse.

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