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Looking for Cypress photos for West Van

May 26, 2018, 8:15 a.m.
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West Vancouver is looking for photos of mtn biking to use for the Trails Plan final document. They want something that looks like Cypress but isn't too over the top. That's an interesting challenge right there!

Post away or pm me with anything that might work. Proper credits will be given to any photos used.

May 29, 2018, 12:17 p.m.
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I actually don't have many personal photos of Cypress, I should document those trails more!

You can also find some on TF, then message the photo owner on PB.

May 29, 2018, 10:09 p.m.
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Thanks, Trevor. I think that plus some of the superb photos Sterling offered will suffice.

It's a challenge to get photos sedate enough for the District. They couldn't work with any shots of Brutus!

May 30, 2018, 8:59 a.m.
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Alan I've PMd you.

May 30, 2018, 10:15 a.m.
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This is Cypress. I have better resolution if it fits what you're looking for. 

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May 31, 2018, 6:49 a.m.
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Ddean - That is a great shot

May 31, 2018, 11:09 a.m.
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Thanks - I put it up on my wall printed on aluminum. Only had an iPhone with me but I came around the corner on my bike (with my son) and was met with that. Its a special photo for me that Ill cherish always.

June 1, 2018, 9:39 p.m.
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Fabulous lighting. Crepuscular rays are always worth stopping for. That must look spectacular on brushed aluminum!

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