Posted by: JBV

wow, this thread is an eye opener. scary shit!  i feel lucky, only a couple of minor shoulder injuries all healed within about 6 months to full strength. at 52 i'm still hoping to ride hard as i can for a while but the fear of serious injury is real. it's my knees that are getting more sore and i had a minor sprain from a twisting fall last year that refuses to go away.  apparently hockey is not considered a rehab activity, who knew..   i wanna be a lanky rubber band like i was when i was 18, but it just don't work that way anymore!!

Pilates. Go to a 1hr class to ensure you get the moves down right and for some more intense training once per week and follow that up with your own simpler home workout of 20-30 minutes twice per week to help improve your ROM and keep things fluid.