Haha, thanks. I respect what you guys have up here.

What I think I'll do is try to Air BnB for a weekend in a place that within riding distance to Fromme or Seymour. Hit Fromme in the morning, come back relax a bit and then drive over to Seymour. Next day do the same but maybe give Cypress a try. Something like that, but I'd just like to spend a weekend up there and get to know the trails a bit better.

I have a HD 2.35" Trailstar that used to be my front tire. After I got the TRS I put that one in the back, and it sucked. The rolling resistance was awful and traction on dry terrain wasn't spectacular. The worn NN went back on and it's a lot better. Maybe I'll give the HD another go in the winter, but I'm kind of itching to just try a new tire.