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Stolen: DEMO 9 Dh and giant dh comp whistler and van locals look out

Aug. 2, 2005, 12:58 p.m.
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As for the hotel covering the loss, ever notice all the signs that say "not responsible for lost or stolen goods"?

Squeeky wheel gets the grease, just keep bithching till you get your cash….

I would get a lawyer working on this if the bikes arent insured. It will cost you some $$$ but so did those bikes by the looks of it.

I had a friend that used to be the manager for the Impark call center, aparantly the signs "not resposible…" are BS not sure if it would be the same for a Hotel bike lockup. I am sure there are a few lawyers in training here on the BB (Leee???) let them speak up.

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Aug. 2, 2005, 2:56 p.m.
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Yeah… Lawsuit… Not a fan of lawsuits, but in this case, I second that…

With response to all this bike theft, isn't there an overnight storage that is monitored 24/7 available at Whistler? If not, would it be viable to open one?


Pedro does bring up some good points, but being only one R off of Pedo …. discounts much of that

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Aug. 2, 2005, 7:18 p.m.
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The lawsuit should do a good thing I guess…

It'll make Whistler aware of all the $50,000 worth of bicycles being stolen everyday.


Aug. 2, 2005, 7:37 p.m.
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That blows about the bikes man. I hope you get them back somehow.

I spent sometime in whistler at various hotels and none would allow me to bring my bike in. I did find some though that were more accomodating than others. I was able to keep my bike in a seperate storage room right across from the front desk. It was locked to an immovable object and only the front desk had the key.
Initially they wanted me to put it in the normal bike storage that anyone with a room key could get into. I took a look and said forget it I'll stay somewhere else. It was full of Wal-Mart bikes.
This was a couple years back though and with the popularity of the bike park I would think they would be more accomodating. If I went there now with my new bike there is no way it would be anywhere but in the room. It sucks that it has to come to sneaking your bike into your hotel room like some kind of criminal.
I don't know about the lawsuit, maybe if there is a lawyer on the board they could weigh in. I think when you sign into the hotel you are signing all away the hotels liability. I read the fine print on one of the forms and you are on the hook for whatever happens, unless you can maybe prove negligence (sp). With the prices of lawyers these days you are better off putting it towards a new bike. Sure you may finally get your day in court and maybe even win, but the time and money to do that probably just bought your lawyer 2 new bikes.

Aug. 2, 2005, 9:44 p.m.
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From a post in the buy [HTML_REMOVED] sell today:

also a heads up to anyone going to crankworx this week, 47 bikes were stolen from whistler last WEEK!!!!!


Holy shit. I'll be leaving mine at home this weekend while watching Crankworx. An event like that is a smorgasbord for a bike thief.

Aug. 2, 2005, 9:48 p.m.
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ah man that's horrible. I'll keep my eyes open for them. Good luck.


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Aug. 2, 2005, 10:07 p.m.
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From a post in the buy [HTML_REMOVED] sell today:


Holy shit. I'll be leaving mine at home this weekend while watching Crankworx. An event like that is a smorgasbord for a bike thief.

Didn't a whole bunch off pros bikes get ripped off last year as well at Crankworx? - Spanglers and others?

47 bikes - that's organized grand theft. Cops up there have a huge problem. They're used to shuffling drunks home at 3am. Now they've got some serious crime. I hope they're up to it.

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Aug. 2, 2005, 10:42 p.m.
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I heard John Cowan recently had 4 of his bikes stolen from his hotel in Whistler.

Aug. 2, 2005, 11:30 p.m.
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I heard John Cowan recently had 4 of his bikes stolen from his hotel in Whistler.

5 from his condo in the benchlands……the brits I know live down the street and are plenty nervous, they've made several mods to their garage door to help alieviate some of their fears….

Aug. 4, 2005, 12:34 p.m.
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I called the Tantalus and asked them if they have had any problems with bike thefts. Their response …. only bikes that _were not stored properl_y or left out in the underground area. WHATEVER!!

I highly doubt bikes of this magnitude would be left out in the underground area and not locked up.

Guess where I WILL NEVER STAY or recommend for anybody else to stay. Hint: The hotel starts with a "T" and ends with an "S".

Until we all take action and boycott the motels that do not have adequate storage facilities, this stuff is going to keep happening. Lets market the ones who do have good facilities and/or allow bikes in the room. Maybe start a post???

Here's hoping you recover your bikes. I cannot imagine how this feels.

Aug. 4, 2005, 2:20 p.m.
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I would imagine if there are enough insurance claims with regards to stolen bikes at Tantalus, the insurance companies themselves might look into it. I can't imagine they are thrilled with the idea of paying out 4-5k for each bike that gets stolen.

I know 4-5K is small potatoes to big insurance companies, but it adds up. As someone mentioned earlier, 11 bikes amount to roughly $55,000.

Aug. 7, 2005, 11:05 a.m.
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that demo 9 is sure sweet, sucks that it was stolen

Money Bags

Aug. 7, 2005, 6:06 p.m.
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As for the hotel covering the loss, ever notice all the signs that say "not responsible for lost or stolen goods"?

Those signs dont mean shit.If they offer "secure" storage for your bike,skiis,whatever,the goods are in their possession and they are responsible for it.

Anyones bike ever get pinched from a bike shop?They replaced it,didn't they?

If grammas jewels got ripped off from the front desk safe,I dont think they'd be telling her "tough luck…they werent stored properly"

Im not an advocate of lawsuits,but you guys that got ripped off ought to get yourselves a lawyer,pronto.5 or 6 DH bikes dont just waltz out of a hotel in one night without no one noticing something strange.Ive stayed there in the winter and they knew that we had an extra unpaid guest in our room,discreet as we were…….

Aug. 7, 2005, 11:01 p.m.
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O man thats gotta be the sexiest bike I have ever seen …..soo sorry to hear about your loss.. Ill keep my eyes open when Im up there


Aug. 8, 2005, 2:02 a.m.
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Insurance - What a jokE! I feel for you dude. Im up at Whistler every Wednesday and Thursday and will keep my eyes out. I ride a Demo9PRO and a SC VPFREE as well and believe me, I take it inside my hotel room when I used to stay in hotels there. 8)


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