Hi everyone,

My Norco mountain bike was stolen from inside my van on the afternoon of Sunday May 31.

The bike is a medium sized white 2012 Norco Sight 2. It has an United Cycle sticker on the downtube, Shimano XT components throughout, black and blue wheels, and Specialized branded tires. Here’s a link: http://www.norco.com/bike-archives/2012/sight-2/

It was my first real mountain bike and is very special to me. I am very sad to lose it and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me any information about it or keep an eye out for it for me. Please spread the word if you can! It would mean the world to me.

I am offering a $700 reward for anyone who can provide information leading to its return. No questions asked. I can be contacted at 780 690 0820. Or please contact the police department.

Thanks a whole bunch,