Hey Everyone,

June 10th - 17th I have picked a custom tour through my friends at bikinginturkey.com with less XC riding than the regular singletrack tour they offer.

Our tour will be a mix of Enduro and freeriding. There will still be climbs, but they will also be running shuttles to give us tons of runs each day. Explore beyond the usual zones and venture off into more unique freeride zones. This trip will be a very unique experience they are hooking us up with. 130-150mm trail bike recommended.

It should be a great time, Cappadocia looks insanely awesome with all the cool formations!

We only have to pay the regular tour price and we get all these added bonuses. A group of 8 is required to make this trip happen so I'm trying to round up as many people as possible. It would be great to have some local shore riders join our group.

More detailed information and pricing here: markymath.com/cappadocia

We also get a hot air ballon ride in the deal!

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