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"most of all he loved the fall..."

Oct. 19, 2008, 10:27 a.m.
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It's a LONG drive. Take your hardtail.

what did you ride?

I wanna ride there some time. Ever since I saw that section with peaty and shandro in Roam.

One question, are there any roots to ride over? :lol:

they do in fact exist.

a lot of them are an hour north.

you've got to pedal for it though, aside from the dh trail i posted a couple weeks ago.

moving along- most of the peaty/shandro section was filmed on imperial (mbuk's best ride in the states, whatever that means), adjacent to greenhorn gulch, with filler from adam's gulch and fox creek (as far as i've been told).

very nice loop, although it requires a calf-burning singletrack climb with a push or two to access it.

i have hundreds of miles of trail to ride here, and have but scrathced the surface of what the area has to offer.

come share if you're up for a LONG drive, throw moab and oregon in the mix to make a real adventure out of it…

while your sitten at your desk im banging laps.

Oct. 19, 2008, 11:18 a.m.
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you guys have some whacky mountains i must say.

sweet stuff for suree.

1st one is my favorite

how are they 'whacky'? lol

look like normal, big-ass, mountains to me…

sick pictures and unbelievable riding regardless! feelin' a roadtrip on the way…

"i'll be on the grind 'til it all collapse / and if its mine; word is bond / i'm-a take it right back"

Oct. 19, 2008, 11:24 a.m.
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^it's okay man, i think his mountains are silly.

while your sitten at your desk im banging laps.

Oct. 19, 2008, 2:03 p.m.
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cute hills you've got over there


Oct. 19, 2008, 2:46 p.m.
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did the drive a few summers ago. we caped in a pretty nice camp ground just outside of Pendleton. wasnt too bad but i would suggest splitting it up to 2 days.

menenhune do you ever ride with rolf or jytte. Definately good people

Oct. 19, 2008, 3:14 p.m.
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Wow, those are some niiiice views! I'll have to add that to my list of places to visit.


Oct. 19, 2008, 4:42 p.m.
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i beleive an nsmb road trip in sept 09 to idaho is in order.

who is with me?

Why slag free swag?:rolleyes:

ummm, as your doctor i recommend against riding with a scaphoid fracture.

Oct. 19, 2008, 6:09 p.m.
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^it's okay man, i think his mountains are silly.

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