I took most this past Sunday off while on a work road trip and managed to beat most the rain and get a sweet lap in on Jewel Pass at Barrier Lake in Kananaskis, Alberta!

The first lap was on my sample Brodie 29er mountain hardtail with a 100mm fork, working my way up the steep climb to the hike-a-bike section you see in the first frames. There are two super rewarding views IF it's sunny; 1 half way up and the other at the top. Once there you simply point yourself down the front side scree slope and singletrack back down to the lake.

Getting back to the car I realized I still felt pretty good and wanted to get a few more miles. Since the sun was out I swapped my mountain bike for my road bike (Brodie Pact) and headed south into Kananaskis. What incredible country! Can't wait to get back for some new trails and further rides into the heart of that amazing area.