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Posted by: Fast-Orange

Go to the real compassion club. Half a block west of main and hastings. 5 dollar grams. 60 dollar half ounces.

That was like 2 other dee spences; before they got the gubment weed in, they had to move all their non certified stock at some discounted rate.

All good things... soon it'll be like the cold beer and wines with banner's hanging outside "below government pricing".

This place is a special kind of holdout. Non-government weed. 50-60 dollars has been their half ozzie price since they opened. They also sell grams of bottom of the bag for 2 dollars. Minimum purchase there is 1 dollar. I think LE gives the place a pass because they see the benefits of the people in that neighborhood having access to cheap weed. There's always a pretty long line up and there's very little tolerance for time wasters who just wanna talk about weed for half an hour before buying their gram.