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iTunes, Mp3 CD's, and folders

Jan. 3, 2005, 3:53 p.m.
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So I have an MP3 CD set out ready to burn, I burned a copy using iTunes, and stuck it in my car. It works, but my deck takes about 10 minutes to read all the songs (because there are no folders) before it will start to play. It does play, it just takes a long time, everytime I start the car or anything like that.

So my question is, can I arrange the songs into folders using iTunes, or do I need to find another program to do that? I know Nero does it if I want (I have Nero) but I don't want to have to reduplicate my whole list (180+ songs).

Any iTunes gurus out there have an answer for me?

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Jan. 3, 2005, 10:13 p.m.
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Jan. 4, 2005, 7:45 a.m.
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iTunes will organize all of your files into a /band/album/ folder structure, you just have to go to Edit [HTML_REMOVED] Preferences and go to the Advanced tab. Click "Keep iTunes Music folder organized. Reboot iTunes and you should be good to go, although you may need to reimport your files by dragging them to the iTunes window.

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