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Oct. 21, 2015, 7:53 p.m.
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Bag full of leftover Schluter Kerdi membrane for waterproofing a shower install. Some inside and outside corners as well as the pipe seal and mixing valve seal.

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March 2, 2016, 10:52 a.m.
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Anyone still use these? I think there are about 6-8 left in this pack. I'll leave them on the front porch if anyone wants them (Seymour Mtn).

March 2, 2016, 5:28 p.m.
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I have a pair of Tioga 26" 2.3 DH tires, I don't remember riding these things, so they could be brand new. Probably came stock on some bike. Nothing wrong with them.
Also, same size, but one of those indestructible, no-traction, most frustrating flat you've ever had to change Stout.
I'm not very awesome at putting pictures in my posts, but I'm sure you all know what a tire looks like.

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March 3, 2016, 7:33 p.m.
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Need to pack a bike or three? I have three cardboard bike boxes that are up for grabs in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood. My preference would be to get rid of them tonight or tomorrow (Friday) night, but Saturday during the day might work, too. All of the boxes are around 58" x 32". One is 9" thick and two are 12" thick.

They're also going onto Freecycle, but I'd rather they go to an NSMB local. PM me if you're interested.

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