After a bit of research I've learned that I'm better off keeping my old plan (as I'm off contract) rather than trying to get more going onto a contract (i have a much older plan that gives me 6GB data for much less than current contracts).

In my research I did discover a few interesting things:

1. Manitoba and Sask have way way cheaper plans
2. Google's Fi project is taking off and offers a smarter way to cell plans
3. Both the above are being used by Canadians not in the provinces (found in point 1) or in the US (found in point 2) and enjoying the benefits with only minor issues. The biggest is area codes that can scare people from calling them.

Anyway - anyone here using the above or other cheaper and better cell plans? Issues, complaints, concerns or is it all good? How long have you been using said service?

It's bad enough we get poor plans because we are in Canada but even worse that Man and Sask do better than the rest of Canada (they have 2 other provides forcing prices down)