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Thinking about body mechanics and mtb'ing - part 1

Sept. 26, 2022, 8:06 p.m.
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The pedal article a few weeks back had me thinking forwards and backwards and I hummed and hawed about how much to type. It's been percolating a bit and one thing that came to mind is considering body position as it applies to athletic or sport movements vs what is typically done in the gym. A few people had brought up the point that what happens on a bike is different than running around on a field or being in the weight room, but how different is different and how will this affect how we train both for riding and general health/fitness? So a good place to start seemed to be with what we consider a good exercise or a good way to do an exercise and how that may relate to other things we so. Squats are great for a number of reasons, maybe the most important of which is that the squat movement closely resembles movements we do in just about every aspect of life, from playing a sport to the most basic of things of sitting down in a chair.  This article from elitefts turns traditional thinking on it's head and takes a look at the squat in a very different manner than what post people are used to. The key take away with this article (and it's follow up) is to reconsider how we look at things from a position of function standpoint as opposed to some arbitrary definition that may not be properly supported. Each article is about a 12-14 minute read.

article #1:

article #2:

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Oct. 6, 2022, 3:22 p.m.
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Syncro,  alot of truth in Article #1 about judging other peoples lifting technique using the exacting standards of powerlifting. Reality is unless your planning on entering the BC Powerlifting  Championships don't worry about that standard. And reality is using squats as the exercise there is so many things that effect a persons ability to squat. How our joints developed from birth can effect how we squat and ROM. Add in injuries or health conditions can effect that as well.  

Also in terms of sports it depends on the sport and it's requirements that need to be considered when should you do deep squats or do just to parallel to benefit you. Now  in terms of general fitness...simple parallel or box squat height because reality that is the standard height for alot of what we use daily..toilets, bed, dining room chairs, park benches.

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