In2016 I had a LEFT  KNEE 50% mcl tear 10acl and tibial head plateau compression fracture , (got cut off by a ski school pack and hit a pole at grouse. No surgery and did extensive rehab on my own mostly. I came back from that and got 30's days bording the following season. 

Cut to this year ,,, feb 8 after a short period of LEFT knee pain occuring at work it gave out stepping out of the mobile kitchen (Been a chef my whole life now 52) I was working in on SET  somehow managed to tear my meniscus and then some. I'm sure wear tear from 30+myears of standing at work played a part.

Fortunately since  it was at work WCB kicked in , I had MRI and surgery within 3 months however swelling was considerable and has taken a very long time to go away and knee still feels like crap when standing for extended periods. The surgery was 25% meniscusectomy , debraiding and scraping , yuck .I have been going to physio religiously (except the last month since I caught pneumonia from someone there somehow) . 

MY ligaments are in good shape  and I have I now have a custom CTI knee brace (matching the my left knee lol) but I have been deemed partly disable through wcb etc ! The knee still feels crappy though I can ride my bike mostly seated without much problem , although I have been only riding climbing trails and xc stuff so I don't wreck it worse.

Anybody have meniscus surgery and what was your experience. Mostly did it get better ? How long?



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