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fitness for long descents

April 11, 2019, 7:26 p.m.
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Posted by: Mic

Been pretty busy this winter to get as much Vroom as possible for another season of bike park riding with my little kid.

Now, I really have an issue that keeps annoying me on long road rides, for example - my wrists hurt from doing power cleans. I did work on the flexibility of my triceps, should girdle and wrists but it does not seem to go away, I guess I did front squats (bad back for back squats) with too much weight for my puny arms and wrists.

Does anybody have a good idea....apart from resting, icing etc? Yeah, I know....silly question - but I do not want to give up on Power Cleans, so awesome.

The wrist pain could be a lot of different things. Start by taking a look at your wrist positioning and if you can easily make adjustments to relieve the pain. Sometimes a small adjustment in hand position can make a big difference. Same advice for the cleans and the road rides. It could also simply be a question of body mechanics and that you don't have the range of motion to do a traditional catch for the clean. The nice thing about using cleans as a cross training exercise, and in this case for mtb'ing, is that you're focusing on technique and reps so you're not using a lot of weight which can allow you to modify your grip and catch position. With the lighter weight you should have no issues catching the bar in grip that's similar to what you'd use for a push press or standing press as pictured below. This puts the wrist in a much more neutral position and eliminates a lot of the stress from having the wrist in a high degree of flexion. The reason the catch is the way it is for cleans and olympic C&J is that it's hard to support 400lbs in your hands in the position pictured below so you do it in the clean or front squat position instead. 

Like Craw suggests too, having a coach or trainer take a look at what you're doing is always the best way to get a movement sorted out to work well for your body.

May 2, 2019, 11:33 p.m.
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Thank you for your input, it was a problem of faulty technique - my hands were/are a bit too fast compared to the rest of the body. I had a coach take a look at my form and, well, I need to work on and improve my form, that is ...actively "catch" the bar with my delts/clavicles. So even less smartypants, more humbleness and less weight, even more practise.

I keep practising and let you know how I fare.

By the way, I am halfway through the book "The System - Soviet Periodization adapted for the American Strength Coach" by Parker, Miller and Panariello, which details planning and programming off-season, transitional and in-season strength training for various american football skills levels and athletes, specifically written for coaches. I like it, and the info can be adjusted to other sports as well. My take away so far is the number of reps that need/should be programmed. Since I do not have the money to have a personal coach year round, and rely on going to a bigbox gym or train at home most of the time, I like reading material like that.

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