i am this point with deadlifts where the weight is limited by my grip. i try to do 4x10 but by the 4th set, it is down to say 6 due me just not being able to hold on to the bar

i've searched around and there seems to be different holding techniques (like more on your fingers than palm), and it isn't really helping

any suggestions? or is it pretty much that my grip will improve over time as i do the deadlifts, and just be patient? are straps not really the solution?

Are you hands unusually small or do you have short fingers? Hand size can be a limiting factor in being able to grip the bar tightly enough over multiple reps. If your hands are small, you could try your luck with a smaller diameter bar (eg. 'women's' oly bar.)

If you hands are of 'normal' proportions, here are some random thoughts:
- 4x10 is getting into 'volume' rather than strength work. As the DL gets heavier (and it should if you want to get stronger) you will need to decrease volume as you will not be able to adequately recover from the effort. If you want to increase your grip strength, why not try heavier and for less reps? eg. 1 or 2 sets of 5 once per week? increasing the weight week on week. If you are able to hold on to a set of 5 400# Dl's, I'm betting a set of 10 at 250# will be less of a problem.
-hook grip the last set. The hook grip gets more comfortable the more you use it, but lets face it, never feels great.
-mixed grip last set - make sure you pay attention to the bar being pushed out from your mid-foot by the supine hand.
-Checking to see where you are placing the bar in your hand when you set up. If the bar slides down, then you may not have your hands properly seated. (This Mark Rippetoe vid about grip, might be of use, though not specifically about DL Grip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTqNSgCmM2s). You may also need to re-grip between sets. There is not law that says you have to keep your hands around the bar for the full 10 sets.
-There is no law that says you can't re-set between reps, and you should be doing so if shit is getting out of wack. The 1-2 second pause/reset may be enough to get your through your last reps.
-Straps are NOT the solution. Increasing your grip strength is one of the added benefits of deadlifting. In the absence of a wrist injury or some other reason (needing to save your grip for something else) straps shouldn't be used/needed.

hope that helps!

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