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Basic home gym set up

Oct. 9, 2020, 8:54 p.m.
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inspiring ideas guys. i'm torn between some vanity training and pure conditioning and injury prevention. got a slam ball and do fast woodchoppers and movements for hockey and riding. trying to work on dynamic core workouts as well as some strength training twice a week at the gym but so much can be done with bands for shoulder stability and the basics. 

i've 'discovered' this work out at the gym recently. normally i try to go reasonably heavy and do alternating sets (eg. chest/back) but that's hard right now as the gym set up is all changed and restricted due to covid. so it's better to just grab a bench or machine and use it straight through, clean it and move on. 

so i dropped about 25% of the mass, slowed down the reps up and down, really focus on form and do a few more, then take much shorter breaks, about 45 seconds. fuck me it's killer. way harder than i imagined. i'm a quivering mess and get super swole. i'm sore for 3 days going into the next work out. i'm just not used to this style of lifting. the good part is, it's feeding into the vanity part because i'm growing. is this hypertrophy training?  i do know it's easier on my old joints than heavier lifting, but certainly not easier overall. the burning is just brutal.

Oct. 22, 2020, 10:28 a.m.
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Posted by: DanL

I've started the 'Simple and Sinister' kettlebell course and it's good. Thanks Matt_d

A lot of emphasis on stretching and rigid adherence to form. It's a simple routine which allows me to get all the other stuff in my life, like humans, bikes etc, done without being gassed and it's roughly 30-45 mins a day. It doesn't have a lot of cognitive load for me either.

I was bored quite quickly by that program, I am currently experimenting with the 2x5 Easy Strength idea made famous by Dan John. 

My own home gym is a barbell on the floor, a few kettlebells and that is it - no space for a bench or even a squat rack. 

As some of you have already stated, for me it is about keeping going and preventing injury , or just staying supple.

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